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Opening Ceremonies

Large blockbuster movie premieres will start to pick up soon, with the summer months drawing near.  The Iron Man 2 premiere is one of these such events.  The two female stars, Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson both decided on white Armani, an interesting choice in my opinion.  Paltrow has gotten a bit of bad press over her short-suit ensemble but I think it completely reflects her laid back/fashion forward lifestyle.  Johansson’s short white dress is nice and very sculptural, a departure from her usual busty affairs, but we did see a lot of this look at the Oscar’s so I wish she picked something more original.

Gwyenth Paltrow

Scarlett Johansson

Personally, I think the best premiere, however, went to the ladies who attended the New York City Ballet Spring Gala last night. True, it could be because I have an obsession with Lanvin and everything Alber Elbaz does (same goes for Matthew Broderick), but I think what Portman and Parker picked out were more colorful for one, and honestly more beautiful.  Portman is wearing a dress from Lanvin which fits her amazingly and is perfectly styled and Parker is wearing Elie Saab Haute Couture and a jacket by L’Wren Scott.  It looks very vintage and classy, not a bit over the top.

Natalie Portman

Sarah Jessica Parker

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Your Favorite Movie.

I really don’t know if I can pick a favorite movie.  This isn’t like picking a song or a book, this is quite a big life decision.

I have my current favorite movie.  My favorite movie of all time.  My favorite fashion movie.  My favorite cast of a movie.  But actually narrowing it down and picking a favorite movie is quite a daunting task.  It labels you.  Put’s you into a category.  People can judge you.  And we all know they will for we do it ourselves.

I really hate being cliche but I do, truly, believe that Titanic is one of the best movies ever created.  The cast, chemistry, visual effects, writing, and of course the costumes are all incredible.  The best.  I can watch that movie over and over, all 3 hours and 14 minutes of it.  And I will cry every time.

But I also really love La Vie en RoseThe Breakfast Club, Pan’s Labyrinth, Love Actually, Schindler’s List, The September Issue, Big Fish, Moulin Rouge and way too many more.

I am intrigued by foreign films and the emotions that I feel even when I don’t speak the language.  I love music and humor as well and all of the great 80’s movies.

So I guess my favorite movie might be a bit cliche, but I believe that I would chose it to be the last movie I ever saw.

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Your Favorite Song.

Hallelujah. I can say that without faltering or second guessing. My favorite song is Hallelujah, sung by Jeff Buckley, lyrics by Leonard Cohen.

Embarrassingly, the first time I heard this incredible song was in Shrek and I was instantly enamoured, even though Rufus Wainwright sang that version.  Then my father bought me Jeff Buckley’s CD, “Grace.”  And that is where I heard Mr. Buckley sing the most enchanting song I have ever heard.

Don’t believe me?  Watch/Listen to the YouTube video below.

Jeff Buckley singing Hallelujah

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I have decided to partake in a 30 Day challenge.  I think I will find out more about myself and I will be compelled (not that I already am) to write everyday.  I am a bit nervous for the 27-30 days but I will broach those mountains when I reach them.

So today is Day 1 of this lovely adventure.


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Long Live McQueen

I just found out some very upsetting news.  Lee “Alexander” McQueen’s autopsy has just been released by the coroner.

McQueen was by far one of my favorite designers.  He was beyond brilliant, and will, of course, forever be missed.  I was devastated when I found out about his death, and then later even more so when I found out it was by suicide.  But the coroners report just makes everything that much worse.  According to Vanity Fair, among other valid news sources, the coroner stated that high doses of cocaine, sleeping pills and tranquilizers were found in McQueen’s body.  After taking those he then hung himself, a form of suicide where one doesn’t come back.  It is a near certain death.

Nearly everyone in the fashion industry proclaimed McQueen’s genius and I find it so upsetting that he couldn’t see that himself.  I hate that he had to turn to drugs and pills to keep his demons at bay.  I realize the shock of losing his mother on top of the loss of one of his best friends, Isabella Blow, was a great deal to handle but he should have pushed through and kept their honor and memory alive.

I really wish he could have seen how much everyone really loved him and that he didn’t resort to such drastic measures.

Below are pictures are took at McQueen’s memorial outside of his store in the Meatpacking District in NYC.


This is a picture of the small feather I placed under a candle at his memorial in honor of his Spring 2008 collection.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I should bring to his memorial.  I knew that I wanted it to be quirky but meaningful and since my favorite collection of his was Spring 2008 in honor of Isabella Blow I brought a bright yellow feather.  This collection of his centered around feathers, both their colors and textures.  Below are some images from this beautiful collection.

Finale Dress


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Look Who’s Smiling Now

Lily Allen has officially been added to the list.  The list of those musicians who don’t think that singing and performing is enough of a life fulfillment for them.

British Singer, Lily Allen

Allen has decided to leave music altogether.  In 2007 she launched a clothing line with British store, New Look, named, Lily Loves, and she and her sister have broken into the retail business with their own store called, Lucy in Disguise. The new store is a “rental fashion store” which Allen and her sister, Sarah, hope will make fashion more democratic and open to the masses.

But Ms. Allen isn’t stopping there.  After being the face of Chanel’s Coco Cocoon Collection, it seems she wants a bit more time in the fashion spot light.  She has teamed up with British network Channel 4 to make a fashion television series, though details about it are not available yet.

Lily Allen face of Chanel bag

Surprisingly enough I loved the Chanel ad, but then again it is hard not to love their ads.  I think Allen looks like a young Daphne Guinness (look her up if you don’t know who this incredible fashion icon is).  And the tiara, I think I will write to Mr. Lagerfeld himself to see if he could send it to me.


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Meet the Models

I am part of that small portion of the population that prefers models on the cover of magazines but recently that has been a growing trend, especially with the ever fabulous British Vogue.  Over the past few years they have featured models on the covers of about half of their magazines.  And personally I find this is the best way to go.  They have a presence on the covers (it is part of their job description) and they entice people to flip through the magazine.

I once heard a quote that has stuck with me.  It was, “Celebrities sell the magazine but models sell the clothes.”  At the time I heard this I agreed wholeheartedly, but now I think that models might be able to sell the magazines on their own.  Remember, there was a time when it was only models on the cover, Ms. Anna Wintour changed that.  Grace Coddington is on my side of the debate.  She once said, “There are no models on covers anymore.  They’re all actors because they’re what sells.” She goes on to say, “An actor often dictates what you’re going to get.  I find that annoying.  And I’m incredibly shy, so they scare the pants off me.  But I feel perfectly comfortable with the models.  They’re like my kids.”

I am intrigued by models, there is something about them that is so fascinating, and I think that people are starting to realize this once again.  After the age of the Super Models in the 80’s and 90’s there was a bit of a lull in the public’s attraction to models but I think that has definitely changed once again.

Below are some of the covers of British Vogue from 2009-2010 which featured models on the covers.

Canadian Model, Daria Werbowy

Russian Model, Sasha Pivovarova

British Model, Georgia Jagger

British Model, Kate Moss who has graced the cover numerous times

British Model, Lily Donaldson

Russian Model, Natalia Vodianova who has also been on the cover many times

Dutch Model, Lara Stone

Any thoughts about the celebrity vs. model controversy?

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My Day of Vintage.

Saturday was my vintage day.  I made a list of all the places I wanted to go to (6) and mapped it all out, both walking and public transit routes.  I even woke up extra early (10:05) and managed to leave by 11:30 am with two of my roommates in tow.  We started off at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market at 39th St. between 9th and 10th Ave.  They had a lot of jewelry and some great vintage pieces.  Most of the items were fairly inexpensive except I hated the fact that the vendors were trying to explain designers to me and tell me how important they are.  Yes, I know what Bottega Venetta is, I do live in fashion magazines and attend FIT, I just don’t feel like buying the purse no matter how great of a deal you seem to think it is.  But aside from that I ended up buying a partial crop top and a gold semi-choker.

Entrance to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

Cute vintage glasses, but I didn't buy them.

One of the vendors

Kelly and I on a fab vintage couch.

A rather large beaver fur coat.

Shirt and Necklace from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

Then we walked down to 25th St between 7th and 6th Aves where there were a few indoor flea markets which had a decent amount of designer clothes and accessories as well as home furnishings and antiques.  While I fell in love with some items such as a $200 Hermes silk scarf and a $175 one hundred year old hand mirror (which the man said he would give to me for $125) , I did not buy anything here.

100 year old hand mirror.

Then we went took the F down to Union Sq. and then hopped on the L train over to 1st Ave to go to some vintage stores.  First on our stop was No Relation Vintage which has amazing prices, but of the seven things I tried on I only ended up buying one shirt (for $10) even though I really wanted to walk out with a pair of high waisted jean shorts.

Shirt from No Relation Vintage.

Next we went to Buffalo Exchange which was super crowded because they were having a $1 sale in honor of Earth Day.  Here I tried on a lot of clothes and even asked a poor sales person to take down a mannequin which I then asked her to undress so I could try on the whole outfit.  While the silk high waisted pants were completely see through and ill fitting, the suede and lace leotard was perfectly lovely and oh so Celine, so I purchased it.  I ended up getting it for $5.50 because the buttons of the bottom of the leotard were broken.  And I also bought an American Apparel shirt dress there for only $17.

Suede Leotard tucked into high waisted jeans.

American Apparel Shirt Dress with my great-grandmother's gold belt.

And that is the end of my lovely shopping day.  I wish I had discovered the flea markets sooner because they are so close and filled with some really amazing pieces.

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Harajuku Baby

So on Friday after a long day of interning I decided to relax by walking home, which is 23 blocks or about 1.2 miles.  This is actually the second time I have made this trek downtown in which I need to walk through Times Square around 7 o’clock pm.  Bad idea.  I have never seen it more crowded than it was on Friday and there were some very vocal people.  One man, while walking past me gave me the apparently obligatory once over then said loudly, “Harajuku Baby!”  I was both creeped out and offended, for my outfit was adorable, and while I appreciate Harajuku style mine did not fall into that category, at all.  And granted, maybe it is weird that I am more upset that he judged my clothes/style than I am that he was degrading to women but it bothered me nonetheless.  So I have decided to post my outfit, both to show it off and to see if I can generate any responses as to why this man felt it was so Harajuku.

My Outfit

Close Up

Harajuku Girls

Harajuku Girls

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And the Magazine of the Year goes to…

Glamour?  Really?  The American Society of Magazine Editors hosted their annual National Magazine Awards and completely overlooked fashion magazines.  Vogue was only nominated once, for Photography/Print, and they ended up losing to Vanity Fair.   Elle, the Number One Women’s Magazine in the country, wasn’t nominated for anything! And then to give Glamour the Magazine of the Year is completely insane.  What they think the magazine did to deserve the highest honor is beyond me.

It’s flashy and celebrity driven.  It focuses on trends and “What’s Hot” instead of fashion, or at least high-end fashion.  And their editorials, if you can call them that, are not up to the standard that has been set by real fashion magazines.  They had so many great magazines to chose from like, Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, W, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, The New York Times Magazine and many others but instead this esteemed group of individuals chose a tacky, cliche mass market magazine that writes about “What Men Really Think” and “8 Foods that Make you more Beautiful.”  I am really disappointed that of all the brilliant magazines they could pick from they chose Glamour.  

A Recent Cover for Glamour


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