A Much Needed Makeover

The Jersey Shore girls got a makeover this week.  It was much needed. There was far too much leopard, neon and boobs on that show than MTV could handle.  And the poufs.  The guidettes have ruined our o-zone layer with the amount of hairspray they used to form those … lovely … poufs.  But thankfully, Harper’s Bazaar stepped in to save both the environment, our eyes and the fate of the American culture.  Snooki, Sammi and JWoww.  In Marchesa and J. Mendel.  I never, ever, thought I would see the day.  I honestly thought they would get married in custom made Ed Hardy or Affliction’s new line for women.

But, alas, they are seen in Bazaar in dresses from the famous gown designers.  And with make up and hair done by highly trained artists, rather than at a counter at the mall or the tanning salon, they almost look, good?  And with Snooki in a boat neck dress and a flat side part none the less.  Sammi even looks elegant in her one shoulder black ensemble.  They also went through an etiquette class.  I would have paid good money to see them balance books on their respective gelled heads and drink tea with one inch nails.  But you have to admit, when all dolled up and styled by Bazaar, the girls pull it off, any guido would be lucky to have them.

(Oh and yes that is Tinsley Mortimer, there obviously to amp up the class.)

Jersey Shore Makeover

Jersey Shore Makeover

Jersey Shore Etiquette

Jersey Shore Etiquette

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