As if the first time wasn’t bad enough.

Lohan with Ungaro house designer Estrella Archs and two of their designs

Lindsay Lohan: pn (proper noun), child actress and model, celebrity, paparazzi flasher, “style icon”, starlet, addict, “designer”, and former artistic adviser for Ungaro.

Lohan has decided that her fashion career is not over yet.  She would like a comeback from her failure at Ungaro if you don’t mind.  Her line of leggings titled 6126, after Marylin Monroe’s birthday, has now expanded into a 280 look line consisting of tight mini dresses, black jumpsuits, going out clothes, and of course leggings.

I admit I don’t mind Lindsay. I used to really like her.  I still watch The Parent Trap and when I was younger I had perfected my posh British accent thanks to her coaching in the movie.  I have seen almost all of her movies and I find myself constantly defending her but she really, really needs to turn herself around.  And she can start by not designing clothing.  Her 6126 line looks like everything else that is already on the market except that it is more expensive and has her name attached to it.  She ruined Ungaro, a high-end French design house, made a mockery of his name and now she is doing the same to herself.

But the worst is yet to come.  There is a highly publicized rumor (I’m talking NBC reported it) circulating that she will soon be designing purses for Ed Hardy, the King of Tacky.  What in her right mind thought that a jump to Ed Hardy would lift her status up a few notches is beyond me.  The clothes are a tattooed, bedazzled nightmare with an unfortunate affiliation with John Gosselin.

Lohan needs to take some time off.  Stop designing and putting your name on anything and everything.  You do not want to be affiliated with Ed Hardy Lindsay, you really don’t.

Looks from 6126

Ed Hardy ad


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