Oh to be a celebrity and have the world at your feet.  Some form charities, run marathons, win Oscars and Emmy’s, other travel the globe promoting world peace and bringing food and water to malnourished children.  And then there are those who make perfume.

There is a Wikipedia page, I will leave the link at the bottom, that lists every celebrity-endorsed perfume.  Not all of the names on the list are perfumes that a celebrity created such as Keira Knightly and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but most of them are.  They range from 50 Cent, Carlos Santana, Halle Berry, Hilary Duff, and Sarah Jessica Parker who has over four perfumes.  Even Michael Jordan and Svetlana Stalin (yes, Stalin’s daughter whose perfume is aptly named Svetlana’s Breath) have their own scents.

Jennifer Aniston's Perfume Ad

I personally think it is a bit much.  And the two latest are Jennifer Aniston and Bruce Willis.  Aniston’s is to be named “Lolavie” which she claims means “laughing at life”, it is to smell “sexy and clean… floral, but not too flowery” and will be first released in the UK, which I find a bit strange because she is the total American girl next door.

As for Bruce Willis’ it is going to be a men’s scent which will be overly masculine and “strong, self-confident, consistent.”  I hope this isn’t to try and rival his ex Demi Moore who recently launched a perfume in fall titled, “All you’ve ever WANTED.”  Very classy.

Demi Moore Perfume Ad

Beyonce’s perfume “Heat” sold 3 million bottles in the first month.  Compared to an average of 2.5 million bottles a year for celebrity fragrances.

Beyonce Perfume Ad

And the ads!  I love magazine ads.  They are plastered all over my wall.  I have hundreds of them.  And these perfume ads are so elegant and high-class, especially Beyonce’s.  The cleavage and the thigh and sweat and deep intense stare is just all so much.  Plus the background I find to be very distracting. And the writing directly on the chest? Really is that as subtle as you can get?  And Ms. Moore had a bit of an airbrushing controversy with this ad so I feel I do not need to press to hard with this subject, but she has had three (grown) kids and is 47 years old. Enough said.  I love Jen, she will forever be Rachel and utterly adorable, but this is not a perfume ad.  This is a scared naked woman wrapped in a blanket on a rock.

Actors are meant to grace us with their screen presence and show off beautiful gowns and win awards and attend parties.  Is is ignorant for me to think that we should leave perfume making to the “noses” who actually go to school for perfume making or the experts at Fragonard in Eze in the South of France?


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  1. I like your opinions Ryann, very enjoyable reading & blog. Congratulations!

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