Creepy Thin (Wo)Man

There was a time when Sasha Pivovarova was in my top five favorite models.  She has a Gemma Ward face, with huge blue eyes, pale skin and a cute Lolita ish look.  And I love that she went to art school and is multitalented.

But then I saw the Italian Vogue editorial from this month and frankly it saddened me and more importantly it creeped. me. out.  Sasha has always been thin (obviously, it is in her job description) but the extent to which I can see the bones in her back is unacceptable.  This is not caused by eating your fruits and veggies and going on a run a few times a week.  This is caused by something much, much more unhealthy.  You can see a clear progression in the weight loss, in the H & M ads her legs look substantial enough in the fab sequin leggings but by the time you get to this month’s edition of Italian Vogue it has all gone down hill.

She is 25 years old, not a skinny teenager anymore, and maybe she is trying too hard to compete with the new crop of models but something needs to be done about Ms. Pivovarova’s weight, both for her health and for my sanity, I should not be taught to think that women are supposed to look like this.

A healthy person's back does not look like this.

No one's stomach sticks out like this!


Starting to go downhill

H & M ad

Old Editorial

One of my favorite photos of her

Sasha and her Art

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One response to “Creepy Thin (Wo)Man

  1. Hi,

    I have been reading your blog all month, I love it! I completely agree about Sasha, she’s gorgeous but sadly, like so many others, is wasting away 😦 xx

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