Harajuku Baby

So on Friday after a long day of interning I decided to relax by walking home, which is 23 blocks or about 1.2 miles.  This is actually the second time I have made this trek downtown in which I need to walk through Times Square around 7 o’clock pm.  Bad idea.  I have never seen it more crowded than it was on Friday and there were some very vocal people.  One man, while walking past me gave me the apparently obligatory once over then said loudly, “Harajuku Baby!”  I was both creeped out and offended, for my outfit was adorable, and while I appreciate Harajuku style mine did not fall into that category, at all.  And granted, maybe it is weird that I am more upset that he judged my clothes/style than I am that he was degrading to women but it bothered me nonetheless.  So I have decided to post my outfit, both to show it off and to see if I can generate any responses as to why this man felt it was so Harajuku.

My Outfit

Close Up

Harajuku Girls

Harajuku Girls

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