Long Live McQueen

I just found out some very upsetting news.  Lee “Alexander” McQueen’s autopsy has just been released by the coroner.

McQueen was by far one of my favorite designers.  He was beyond brilliant, and will, of course, forever be missed.  I was devastated when I found out about his death, and then later even more so when I found out it was by suicide.  But the coroners report just makes everything that much worse.  According to Vanity Fair, among other valid news sources, the coroner stated that high doses of cocaine, sleeping pills and tranquilizers were found in McQueen’s body.  After taking those he then hung himself, a form of suicide where one doesn’t come back.  It is a near certain death.

Nearly everyone in the fashion industry proclaimed McQueen’s genius and I find it so upsetting that he couldn’t see that himself.  I hate that he had to turn to drugs and pills to keep his demons at bay.  I realize the shock of losing his mother on top of the loss of one of his best friends, Isabella Blow, was a great deal to handle but he should have pushed through and kept their honor and memory alive.

I really wish he could have seen how much everyone really loved him and that he didn’t resort to such drastic measures.

Below are pictures are took at McQueen’s memorial outside of his store in the Meatpacking District in NYC.


This is a picture of the small feather I placed under a candle at his memorial in honor of his Spring 2008 collection.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I should bring to his memorial.  I knew that I wanted it to be quirky but meaningful and since my favorite collection of his was Spring 2008 in honor of Isabella Blow I brought a bright yellow feather.  This collection of his centered around feathers, both their colors and textures.  Below are some images from this beautiful collection.

Finale Dress


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2 responses to “Long Live McQueen

  1. Completely tragic. But thankyou so much for sharing.

  2. sabrina

    when a person is abusing substances they are not in their right mind and will do things that do not make sense to those of us in our right minds.

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