Oh Jeffrey My Love

So I just got back from Jeffrey (read: Best Department Store in America) in the Meatpacking District and I thought I would right a little post about them, mainly because one of the salesmen said that I looked “absolutely adorable today and he was in love with my outfit.”

Not that I’m bragging…

But honestly, their buyers are just incredible, all of the clothes in the store (as well as the gorgeous shoes, bags, jewelry and makeup) are the best of the collections, effortlessly chic, and extraordinarily expensive, but that goes without saying.

The store is on the small side, just one walk up story.  It is not overwhelming like Macy’s or Bloomingdales.  It is very clean and crisp, but they like to have fun.  They are a bit cheeky like Barneys with their displays.  Last time I went there it was all Lady Gaga and today it was Sex and the City 2 with cartoon drawings of the four lovely ladies faces on top of the mannequins own.  There were also famous quotes from both the show and the movie hanging from the ceiling.

Sadly, the only other Jeffrey is in Atlanta, a bit strange I know, but I guess the south needs it fill of fashion too.



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2 responses to “Oh Jeffrey My Love

  1. Southern Fashion

    You guess the south needs some fashion too? I’ll have you know that Atlanta is a very chic city. In fact, it’s nickname is “the New York of the South”. Have you ever heard of the mart? If not, look it up; it’s pretty major. Atlanta has world renowned trade shows, incredible shopping, and a stylish population. Jeffrey has every right to be in the south. Try visiting and then comment again.

    • I actually lived in Atlanta for almost seven years, so while I don’t think it is necessary for me to “try visiting and comment again”, I will, however, defend my comment.
      What I said was, “…but I guess the south needs it fill of fashion too,” not, “the south needs some fashion too,” which is apparently how you took it.
      These are two completely different things. I think Atlanta has great shopping and amazing malls, I spent quite a lot of time in them so I would know. I am saying that the south is just as deserving as any other part of the country to have such an amazing department store as Jeffrey. I am saying that everywhere in the country (and the world) needs a little bit of fashion in their lives. That is all, and that Georgia is lucky to have Jeffrey. I just thought it was a bit strange that it was only in these two locations, even Henri Bendel has over 10 locations across the country.

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