A talent of yours

Collages have been my creative tool of choice since I was in kindergarten and had to make a book of colors.  My mother still has it, lying in the second drawer of her nightstand.

I love putting pieces together and trying to make them work.

My walls at home are completely plastered with pictures.  From the floor to the ceiling, I have Chanel and Chloe, ads from every fashion magazine available to me.  I put up pictures from editorials, news stories, advertisements, and covers, they don’t necessarily go together, but it is so much fun trying to get them to work as one.

Scissors have helped me de-stress for years.  I would just sit on the floor of my bedroom and cut up 4, 5, 6 magazines at a time.  I was completely entranced by them and all of the colors and textures of the clothes or the different positions the models contorted their bodies and the wild makeup they had in editorial shoots.  For those few hours nothing could distract me, my mind was set on those pictures and making my wall the best it could be.  Johnny Depp and Moschino rarely go together but somehow in my collages they did.  It’s really all about finding connections, like Johnny Depp is dating a model named Vanessa Paradis and I have a few pictures of her on my wall so having that connection, in my mind, makes it work.

My Room

Close up of the side of my wall

Close up of my other wall

When I took Summer Live classes at FIT the summer before my senior year, I took a class called the Anatomy of Fashion.  In that class, we just cut up magazines and put them in a “Croquis Book” this was a portable collage, a portable wall for me.  Soon my collages changed and grew into more of an art where I would weave pictures together or make cut outs at various spots.  My Croquis Book has come with me to college, it is the grown up version of the color book I made in Kindergarten.

The Front of my Croquis Book

First Pages

Art Pages

Single Page

One of my favorite pages

Shoes and Bags

Mini Italian Vogues

Last summer I got a trunk for my birthday (read: begged my mother to buy it for me) and it was my summer project to decoupage it before taking it to college.  It took a while to go through my hundreds of magazines and find my absolute favorite photographs and then I had to glue them onto my trunk in a cohesive way.  The final task was to cover the entire trunk in Mod Podge, a glue/finish, to make it look shiny and nice.  It took the whole summer but I love the end result.

I received another trunk for Christmas this year, so guess what I will be doing this summer?

Top of Trunk

Front of Trunk

Back of Trunk

Side of Trunk

Other Side of Trunk


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2 responses to “Day.19.

  1. sabrina

    i love the personal connections you are making.

  2. Absolutely amazing! xxx

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