A recipe.

My mother bought be a blender a few months ago.  I am now obsessed with perfecting the art of smoothie making.  It is not as easy as one would think.  Both the consistency (texture) and flavor need to be spot on or else the whole thing is off.

I found a recipe for a granola smoothie a few weeks ago and I have made four so far, with different variations of course to find the perfect combination.

I will admit the texture is a bit weird, but I really like it, probably because I love granola in my yogurt, but if you don’t like crunchy with creamy then I wouldn’t try it (unless of course you are the adventuresome kind).


1 cup of yogurt (any kind is fine but I prefer fat-free plain yogurt so that it doesn’t mask the flavor of the other ingredients)

3/4 cup of granola (your favorite kind)

2 table spoons of honey (I use creamed honey because it is easy to scoop)

1 cup of ice


Here you can add any type of fruit you like or just stick to the recipe above.  Personally, I love it with frozen strawberries.

Now you just have to blend it, and then I liquify it in the blender.  Keep doing this until it is a consistency you like.

The color is a nice rosy pink with the strawberries, the perfect spring pink!

I also bought a Jamba Juice reusable traveling cup so that I can bring it to class and work…don’t judge me.


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