Thank God for Rachel Zoe

Well, kind of.

This past week I have been obsessed with finding the perfect pair of skinny green pants, cargo-esque.  However, I am not prepared to spend $6,540 on the amazing leather Balmain ones (obviously) and I really, really don’t feel like saving up money for the J Brand ones at $225.  (And since my last pair of J Brand leggings ripped after a few weeks in a rather unfortunate place at a rather unfortunate time, I am not very inclined to save for them.)

So this morning, I get a personal email from Rachel Zoe (okay, I subscribe to her emails, whatever) and apparently I am not the only one with this military obsession.  She is too!

In her emails called “The Zoe Report” she picks an item each day that she “loves” and writes about it and such but then at the way bottom of the email there is a part that is called “Parallel Universe” which is a lower priced item similar to the expensive designer one.

So there are now green cargo pants at Lucky Brand for $79.95, and though they aren’t nearly as cute as the other two pants it is still a much better price and a total possibility.

I think this shows that Rachel Zoe and I have ESP…or a similar fashion sense, either of which I am perfectly fine with.

Balmain pants that started it all.

Balmain pants from Rachel Zoe's email.

J Brand Cargo Pants

Lucky Brand Cargo Pants

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