This month, in great detail

This month, I will be honest, has not been super interesting.  I really do not feel the need to discuss it in “great detail” like I did my past week.  This month has mainly consisted of me studying for finals (ish), preparing for my Creative Fashion Presentation final fashion show, and interning at Elle every Thursday and Friday.  Oh yes, and shopping.  But that is not out of the ordinary, I always shop.

I also went to Brooklyn and explored the area called DUMBO (which stands for, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) for a day, which was actually pretty fun and a nice escape from the busy streets of Manhattan.  I went to the famous Jacques Torres chocolate shop and got a “wicked” hot chocolate, which is seasoned with chili powder, and there were some great little stores and art galleries all over the area.

This Saturday I got home from NYC and I began work today at an adorable boutique in Niantic, CT named, Grace.  It is nice to be home and have the ability to relax, though I have a feeling that once I start working again I will begin to have less and less time to myself.

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