This year, in great detail

This year (May 2009-May 2010) has for the most part been a year of firsts and of milestones.

I graduated high school last June (finally) and moved into a dorm in Chelsea in NYC where I also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.  My first semester there I was a Fashion Merchandising Major but then I promptly did an internal transfer to a new major which I love, Advertising and Marketing Communications.

October 2009, I got an internship with a great personal stylist, Dale, who created the company DaleStyle (  I learned so much through this internship and it was an amazing experience.

In January I got a much coveted internship at Elle magazine in the fashion closet.  I was there two full days a week and every minute of it great.  I got to see beautiful clothes straight off the runway, clothes that other people have to wait months to see.  I also had the chance to interact with editors and PR companies and visit various showrooms.  It was not necessarily easy work, and anyone who thinks fashion is mindless and simple should spend just a few hours at a magazine to see how complicated it really is.

And now I am back in Connecticut, doing pilates in the morning and working in a boutique named Grace ( during the day.  I live in a cozy beach community complete with tourists and clam shacks, and though I much prefer New York City, it is nice to come home to relax once in a while.

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