Whatever tickles your fancy

I know this is my last post for my 30 Day Challenge and I should have a huge grand finale planned, and I did . . . however what currently “tickles my fancy” is what I am wearing today.

It is a Free People romper.

And I am in love.

Free People Romper

That obviously isn’t me in the picture, but isn’t it adorable?

I love that it doesn’t completely look like a five year old would be wearing it to a birthday party, but it is still fun and sweet enough that it doesn’t think too much of itself.  It is a romper remember.  (And yes, clothes think).


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3 responses to “Day.30.

  1. …I kind of love it.

  2. it is chic, sexy, stylish and colourful – I have a dress in these colors (minus the pink) but I now wish it was more “romper” . I especially love the neckline and pleats It’s time for alterations, and I must be thinking about posting this triumph when it happens. ; )

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