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Another Trip to Cannes

Its been a few days since my last Cannes Film Festival post and since then there have been many new beautiful dresses and ensembles.

Most actresses chose Armani, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Dior and Chanel, but there were (thankfully) a few surprises.

Heloise Godet in Paco Rabanne

Heloise Godet in Paco Rabanne

Diana Rudychenko in Paco Rabanne

I have never, ever, seen Paco Rabanne on the red carpet.  And these two actresses wore his designs, couture from the 1960’s twice!  He was known as a Space Age designer, using metal and plastic in his super short mini dresses.  I actually didn’t even know that he was still alive and that there was still the Paco Rabanne design house, though I did know that his many fragrances are still popular.

It is really nice to see some vintage on the red carpet, especially from a designer who was so influential and really helped shape fashion of the 1960’s.

Below are some other beautiful red carpet ensembles:

Italian model, Eva Roccobbono in Christian Dior

Lea Seydoux in Gucci with the creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini (and Martin Scorsese in the middle)

Marion Cotillard in Lefranc Ferrant, and Jimmy Choo accessories.

Michelle WIlliams in Chanel

Austrian actress, Nora Von Waldstatten in Chanel

I really love the picture above.  I think the actress looks stunning, from her pale make up with a pop of red lip and the jeweled headband in her hair.  And the Chanel gown looks incredible on her.


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Your day, in great detail

I have a feeling my day is going to be quite boring, but I must keep the 30 Day Challenge alive.

Therefore I will update this post as things occur.

So far I woke up and ate half of an everything bagel from Brooklyn Bagels with cream cheese.

Now I am watching CBS Sunday Morning which I will admit is not that horrible.

I have so many bags and boxes to unpack that I feel it will take me days to organize, so I might as well start now.

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Whatever tickles your fancy

What tickles my fancy right now is Lara Stone’s wedding this past week.

Riccardo Tisci, head designer of Givenchy, designed two incredible couture dresses for Ms. Stone’s spring wedding to David Wailliams. I wrote about this before in an earlier post about which model I am more envious of, her or Coco Rocha (Zac Posen is designing her dress).

While I like Coco better as a model, I am honestly not sure if Zac Posen can top Tisci’s two dresses.  The wedding dress itself was gorgeous, much different than I expected, but in a good way.  Tisci has a slight tendency to go a bit gothic, but this dress was anything but.  It was a cream lace, edged with a gold braid which fit her body perfectly.  The only picture of the dress so far is this one below, it shows the detail nicely but it doesn’t have the full dress in it unfortunately.

The second dress he designed for her was for the after party.  It a a gold, sequined short busty dress that is perfect for a glamorous, fun evening.

The couple drove away in an adorable, British chic Rolls Royce.  The perfect getaway car.

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A YouTube video

Technically, this is a YouTube video.

However, it is not David returning from a tiring trip to the dentist or a baby panda sneezing (though I do love those).

Instead this is a sophisticated take on women’s daywear, my absolute favorite show of the  Spring/Summer 2010 season, and what I wish the majority of my wardrobe looked like.

This is Celine Spring 2010, designed by Phoebe Philo.  All the looks from the collection are in the video, it is just edited for time.

I would wear each of the incredible pieces in a second.  From the leather shirts to the crisp high waisted pants, the entire collection was flawless.  This is what style is.  Not some overly bedazzled dress you can’t move in or a pair of shoes so incredibly high and unbearably uncomfortable that it isn’t even worth putting them on.  Style is effortless and easy.  It turns heads for all the right reasons.  It is Celine.

Here is the video.  Don’t be shy, you know you want to see what perfection looks like.

For those of you too scared to see the full video, here are some of my absolute favorite looks.  (Remember my birthday is only two months away…)

My Absolute Favorite

And the designer, Phoebe Philo.

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A website Home Page

Well besides my own blog, of course, there are a few websites that I visit daily if not hourly.

One of them is During Fashion Week I practically live there, waiting for the next show to come up so that I can be one of the first to watch it. Of course when I am sitting in the front row I won’t need to do this anymore, but until that day, is my savior.

Others prefer New York Magazine‘s coverage of the monumental events, but lists the models names and runs more smoothly in my opinion.

Besides, it is linked with Vogue so it is basically a given that I would love it.

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Closet Envy

Of course I am moving out of NYC the day that one of the single greatest shopping events is occurring, I mean it is just my luck right?  Not that I would be able to afford the Manolo Blahniks or Chanel jackets worn by the great Carrie Bradshaw, but just to see them, or dare I say, touch them would be enough of an honor.

On May 22 begins the Decades Two/Haute Look shopping event like no other.  They have rented out a 400 square foot apartment in Chelsea and have made a pop up store, or rather four pop up closets, one for each of the stars of Sex and the City.

Yes, that is right, the closets will be filled with both items from the actual set and identical pieces no longer sold in stores.  And the owners of Decades Two (a fabulous vintage clothing store based in L.A.) have also picked out a few of their own pieces that they believe Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha would love to wear.

Below is a preview of what it will look like, except on a much grander scale of course.

And here are some of the items they will be selling.  Try and guess which of the girls they belonged to.

Vivienne Westwood Dress

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Burberry Prorsum Shoes


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