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Interview with a Vampire

In honor of the premiere of Eclipse I am doing my one and only vampire post.  I read all the books and have see the movies, but I am not a Twilight fanatic (I much prefer Harry Potter).  However, when I saw the Vanity Fair photo shoot with the women of Twilight, I couldn’t resist.  The pictures were just so, yummy.

I love the old Hollywood glamor and the red!  So red.  Blood red.  I realize that is the point, but it is done in a tasteful elegant way.  The hair and make up is stunning, the gowns are beyond gorgeous and Dakota Fanning is so grown up!  But I guess when Annie Leibovitz is the photographer this is what you get.

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La Vie en Rose

If you don’t already know, Marion Cottilard is one of my favorite people on the planet.  And while I do not (regretfully) know her personally, she exudes a likability that is hard to ignore.

I first saw her in Big Fish, one of my favorite movies, and then later in A Good Year, but it wasn’t until I saw her tour de force and Oscar winning performance in La Vie en Rose did myself, and the world really take notice of her.  That year she became the third person in history to win an Oscar for a foreign film, let alone the Best Actress award.  She was also dressed, quite beautifully, by John Galliano, in a stunning white dress which resembled fish scales.  The head designer of Dior loved her so much that she became the face of the Lady Dior campaign.

And for the July Issue of Vogue she is on the cover.  I cannot tell you how happy I was to see her beautiful face on the cover and and not another celebrity.  In my mind Marion Cottilard is an actress, a singer, a humanitarian, but not, as of yet, a celebrity.  While I like Blake Lively, I really do not think that she should be on the cover of Vogue but there she was on the June issue.

It was risky putting Cottilard on the cover, she is not really a household name in America nor is she doing drastic publicity stunts to get her there.  Instead she is charming, French, quirky, and of course an amazing actress.

The pictures from the cover shoot are incredible, the best I have seen in a very long time.  To me, this is what they should look like.  This is what a magazine is meant to do, transport you to a different country or time and make the clothing come alive.

The July Cover.

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I’m blonde, what’s your excuse?

I was born blonde.  I had honey blonde hair and big green eyes, but over the years my hair got gradually darker and became that awkward color people call dirty or mouse blonde.  Why would I ever want any part of me to be constantly referred to as “dirty” or “mouse”?  It is not, in my opinion, attractive or appealing.  So I decided to change it.

Color of my hair now.

Instead of going to obvious route, adding blonde, I decided to be more unconventional (imagine that) and go red.  So I have now had my hair dyed for about four years, and most everyone thinks it is natural and is shocked when I tell them I get it dyed once every few months.

But to be honest, I am kind of over it.  I like change and experimenting, so I am now going lighter, a strawberry blonde.  It was hard to find good pictures to describe what I want but Scarlett Johansson has really epitomized the color.  So today I am heading to the salon getting it done.  I haven’t been blonde since I was 13, so obviously I am nervous but I really hope it turns out the way I want it to.


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World Cup Unmentionables

So I decided to jump on the whole World Cup bandwagon.  I actually really like soccer (football, whatever) the players are highly attractive and are in amazing shape, and yes the sport is fast paced and fun to watch.  I watched the World Cup in Germany four years ago for the first time and loved it, and I try to watch it as much as I can this year.

To my delight, Vanity Fair has the same interest as me, the players.  And they also have the humor I value in a magazine.

Below are images from the photo shoot the magazine did featuring players from different countries, wearing only their underwear.  It is Calvin Klein meets United Colors of Benetton done in a tasteful, funny way.  The styling is great because they are in stages of undressing, which I think is very smart.  It makes it more tasteful and candid, rather than sexy.

The player on the left's face is priceless.

Please tell me where to get the Burberry boxers.

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Fashion, Sweat, and Tears

There are very few times in my life when I fall in love with workout attire, mainly sweatshirts.  But I am human and it does happen

sometimes.  Recently I have been infatuated with the gray crew neck sweatshirts (sans pockets) and have searched everywhere to get my hands on one.

Then yesterday I walked into J. Crew.  And what was the first thing I see, but a sequined gray crew neck sweatshirt.  It was love at first sight.  It was also $168, which I really cannot spent on a thin sparkly top, no matter how much it calls out to me.

So then I go downstairs and see that the mens section has a couple of thicker crew necks, and of course the one I like best is $98.  I don’t know why this always happens to me.  I really am tired of picking out the most expensive things.

But this has at least shown me that I might need to get a job working at J. Crew next year for the discount, which might also work at Madewell . . .

The Gray Sequined Sweatshirt at $168.

Same in Peach

The Mens Sweatshirt at $98.

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A Little Lanvin Love

I have a thing for Alber Elbaz.   He is quite possibly the love of my (fashion) life. He can do no wrong in my eyes.  Elbaz is a master.  And he is mine.

Alber Elbaz

I have followed his career for years and have done countless projects on both him and the house of Lanvin while at FIT.  Lanvin (and its head designer, Alber Elbaz) is in my Top Three favorite designers. Ever.  And with his 2011 Resort show it is even more solidified.  I really don’t know how to describe how much I love this collection and how I want each and ever item of clothing hanging in my closet by the count of three!

I went in looking at the show hoping to find a few pieces to show here, and ended up with way too many.  So I then had to edit (remember I do want to be a fashion editor) and narrow down to my absolute favorite pieces.  Granted, this was very difficult, but I feel practice makes perfect, and I need to work on editing daily if I want to be editor-in-chief of Vogue by the time Anna Wintour decides to retire (or Grace Coddington accidentally pushes her out of one of Conde Nast’s windows).

Below are my favorites of the amazing show inspired by South America.  Many of the pieces are reversible or can be worn different ways, which personally I think was ingenious of Elbaz considering the economy.

He also threw some bridal into the mix.  Coco Rocha and Lara Stone can keep Posen and Tisci, Elbaz can design my wedding dress!  I loved them, each and every one.

Elbaz kept Resort fresh and flirty, flashy and fun, which is really what it should be.  These clothes are meant to be worn in St. Tropez, or  on a fabulous tropical island surrounded by colorful birds and beautiful shirtless men.  And though Elbaz can have a tendency to be moody, dark and powerful in his clothing (especially his Fall/Winter) this collection shows a different side of him which is equally as magnificent and creative.

Love Him!

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Happy Father’s Day!

Apparently it is very hard to find cute father/daughter pictures in Vogue.  I suppose I should have realized this would be a difficult task but I thought it would be worth a shot.  And as I assumed, there were none.  But I had to honor the day in at least a semi-fashiony way, so then I decided to move on to fashion father/daughter pictures, which happened to be much easier.

So in honor of Father’s Day here are some of fashion’s most famous father daughter pairs.

Ralph and Dylan Lauren

Mick and Georgia May Jagger

Paul and Stella McCartney

Tommy and Ally Hilfiger

Liv and Steven Tyler

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