Collage Bound

So apparently I am not the only one fascinated with collages, trying to fit the puzzle pieces together and make images work cohesively.

V Magazine recently had a similar fashion spread.  But, they of course took it to the next level.

V Magazine is not afraid of screaming fashion at the top of their smokey lungs.  It is loud and colorful, often naked and daring, but still fashionable nonetheless.

Below are four images from the spread which blend the images together seamlessly, creating interesting, often humorous pictures.

I am actually pretty inspired by the photographs, I will have to try doing something like this when I have more free time.  I will, of course, post my attempts, though I highly doubt they will be as masterful as these.

I love this one because her dress looks so beautiful until you realize it is an older woman's mouth.

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  1. These are wonderful! provocative. I’m assured to be returning to my love of collage, also, and I really enjoyed visiting your posts regarding these, they are really very beautiful. .


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