The Search for the Last Pair of Cut Offs

I have been looking for high-rise cut off jean shorts for about four months now.  And still my closet is lacking one pair.

I have visited four vintage stores, three different H &M’s, three Forever 21’s, and countless other stores.

Apparently they are very hard to find, which surprises me because they are so popular.  I have been to my mall three times in the past two weeks and there was only one pair, which was about six sizes too big but I tried them on just to make sure.  They almost fell off of me.

I have so many outfits planned in my head to wear with these jean shorts and I know that I am going to find them at the end of August when summer is coming to an end.

But then today, I got an email from “Who, What, Wear”, a great fashion blog, and they featured a pair of high rise cut off jean shorts, of course they were Citizen’s of Humanity and $150, but they did have a link to a cheaper pair.

A pair of Urban Renewal ones, for $28.  I don’t love all of the rips, but at this stage, I’m not going to complain.  So I was thinking that the closest Urban Outfitters to me is 45 minutes away, but these shorts might warrant a trip.

And then I received an email from Urban Outfitters, saying free shipping on the summer stock.

Email has saved my life.  Well at least the life of my wardrobe.

Urban Renewal Cut Offs

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One response to “The Search for the Last Pair of Cut Offs

  1. sabrina

    this is hysterical!!!
    congratulations on this addition to your wardrobe. I am sure the rest of your closet are plesed to squeeze over and make room.

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