Kate’s Back

I have a thing with the background picture of my computer. It has to work well with my white mac, be fashionable (a given), and be slightly quirky/cute.  For the past six months it has been Lily Cole with an umbrella, which covered all the bases and lasted quite a while.

But yesterday, I decided to change it for no reason at all.  I felt maybe slightly creepy having a 16 year old doe eyed red head staring at me day and night, so I changed it.

Kate Moss now resides on my desktop wearing only a tutu and an anchor tattoo.

She looks absolutely beautiful, not overly waifish or  high, for that matter.

To me, this picture is why Kate Moss is Queen Model.

Kate Moss, Vogue UK Cover Picture Dec. 2008



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2 responses to “Kate’s Back

  1. I have this picture on my wall! It’s so gorgeous. I never, ever rip up my beloved Vogue but this has made it onto the wall. The Dior couture and those red lips – perfect! The quote next to it says “Fashion is my passion” and the spread inside was called ‘Fashion Fantasy’ – I think you would have loved it! 🙂

  2. I don’t rip mine up either! Or if I want to I buy another copy of it. I think I need to find that Vogue somewhere it sounds perfectly lovely and I am jealous you have it!

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