World Cup Unmentionables

So I decided to jump on the whole World Cup bandwagon.  I actually really like soccer (football, whatever) the players are highly attractive and are in amazing shape, and yes the sport is fast paced and fun to watch.  I watched the World Cup in Germany four years ago for the first time and loved it, and I try to watch it as much as I can this year.

To my delight, Vanity Fair has the same interest as me, the players.  And they also have the humor I value in a magazine.

Below are images from the photo shoot the magazine did featuring players from different countries, wearing only their underwear.  It is Calvin Klein meets United Colors of Benetton done in a tasteful, funny way.  The styling is great because they are in stages of undressing, which I think is very smart.  It makes it more tasteful and candid, rather than sexy.

The player on the left's face is priceless.

Please tell me where to get the Burberry boxers.

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  1. One word: Phwoar… ;0)

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