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Meet Me at StyleSalt

This summer I was lucky enough to get an internship with a fashion website called  Here you can find thousands of clothes all neatly sorted to your liking.  The website breaks it down by color, designer, and even which celebrity inspired it.

That’s where I come in.  I sort the clothing.  Something I happen to be very good at.  I also get to look at a pictures of celebrities (my two are Jennifer Aniston and Katie Holmes) and find clothing similar to what they are wearing, but at a better price of course.

So say you wanted to dress like Ashley Olsen or Angelina Jolie, you can just pop on over to the website click on their name and up comes hundreds of outfits to chose from.

What is also great about the website, and the internship for that matter, is that there are fashion blogs on it as well.  And I get to write some of them.  With a byline and everything.

Yesterday my first blog was posted on StyleSalt, and I just want it to be known that I am not cheating on my WordPress I am simply expanding my blogging horizons.

So here is the link to my first published blog:


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Kate’s Back

I have a thing with the background picture of my computer. It has to work well with my white mac, be fashionable (a given), and be slightly quirky/cute.  For the past six months it has been Lily Cole with an umbrella, which covered all the bases and lasted quite a while.

But yesterday, I decided to change it for no reason at all.  I felt maybe slightly creepy having a 16 year old doe eyed red head staring at me day and night, so I changed it.

Kate Moss now resides on my desktop wearing only a tutu and an anchor tattoo.

She looks absolutely beautiful, not overly waifish or  high, for that matter.

To me, this picture is why Kate Moss is Queen Model.

Kate Moss, Vogue UK Cover Picture Dec. 2008


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Right on Target

I am so so happy right now.  Mulberry (British handbag company) is doing an eight piece line for Target, coming out mid October!

Mulberry is one of my favorite design companies.  Their bags are so effortlessly chic it hurts.  The leathers they use are amazing and their designs do them justice.  However, they are expensive, but I am sure that goes without saying.  And this is why I am so happy they are collaborating with Target.  I have a feeling Mulberry won’t dull themselves down for the masses, and while the fabrics they use will have to be cheaper, Fashionista reported that they will use velvet and denim, as well as pleather.

Though I will pass on the denim bags, I will potentially buy all of the other ones.  I just wish they were making a wallet as well…that is what I really need.  Oh well, maybe next time.

But for now here are some of Mulberry’s best bags (yes, I know I am a little obsessed, but they make great bags so I need to show them off):

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White Wedding

Coco Rocha married James Conran in France on June 9.  And I happened to come across the only picture of their wedding so far.

I am actually quite impressed with them, it is seven days later and there is only one picture of the dress on the internet.  I think Ms. Lindsay Lohan needs to learn from this charming model, wife.

We all know that Zac Posen was designing the wedding dress for her and he really does wonders to her body with his clothes.  Remember it is a bit difficult to make a 21 year old look “womanly” when she is 5’10” and stick thin, not so many curves to work with.  But I think he pulls it off nicely.


To the right is the invitation, which unfortunately I do not have in my possession, rather Rocha posted a picture of it on Twitter.  It is perfectly elegant and fitting for a wedding in a French castle, the same one where Conran proposed to her.  It was attended by only 50 of their closest family and friends, including Victoria’s Secret model, Behati Prinsloo.

When more photos come in, I will of course post them, but until then here is the picture of Coco on her wedding day.

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Oh Daphne

I am in shock.  Truly I am.

Yesterday, Daphne Guinness bought Isabella Blow’s entire wardrobe.

The late Isabella Blow was both a fashion editor and creative director, as well as a collector of both art and fashion.  She was once Anna Wintour’s assistant, who actually spoke at her funeral when Blow committed suicide in May 2007.  She is a beloved fashion icon and the discoverer of a great many talents including Alexander McQueen, Stella Tenant, and Sophie Dahl.  Blow even bought McQueen’s entire collection that he showed as a student at Cenral Saint Martins. Oh yes, and she was a muse to world renowned milliner Philip Treacy.

Her collection included 90 McQueen dresses and over 50 Treacy hats.  I can’t imagine how much Ms. Guinness paid for it at the Christies auction.  But I think she did an amazing thing.  Guinness is quoted as saying, “It’s Issy – it’s her D.N.A, it should not be scattered to the four winds.”  The collection was originally supposed to be auctioned off piece by piece by the famous English auction house in September, but Guinness was not satisfied by that, so she bought the entire thing, art, couture and all.

Daphne Guinness is a kind of hero of mine.  She is, of course, an heir to the Guinness fortune and was also married to Spyros Niarchos, son of the billionaire shipping tycoon, Stavros Niarchos.  But that is not why I like her so much.

Simply put, she is fabulous, and she knows it.  She has been and done everything from a stylist, to a film producer, to living in an artists colony with Salvador Dali, she walked the catwalk, been a journalist, a collector, and an expert of haute couture.  Daphne Guinness is also best friends with numerous fashion designers and is quite the supporter of fashion, if her obtainment of Blow’s collection didn’t show that.

She does not dress like an heiress, or like a collector or an artist.  She dresses like Daphne Guinness. How she wants, and she won’t let anyone tell her otherwise.

Daphne Guinness

In a red Alexander McQueen cape

Isabella Blow

In her "Blow" hat

the original lobster hat

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Why do I love these so much?

I own three pairs of jeans, two of which I rotate fairly regularly.  I’m just not a jeans girl, and because of that I don’t really see the point in spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of them.  Until now.  I have fallen in love with a pair of jeans.  I never thought I would see the day but it has happened.  And of course they are about $371.  Go big or go home I guess.

They are the Hudson “Jag” Jeans, named I am guessing after their model Georgia May Jagger.  The advertisement itself has gotten quite a bit of publicity, and has been deemed by those not in the fashion world as controversial.  We know that topless ads are no longer such a big deal when Tom Ford comes around with his infamous Gucci ads.

I love that they are edgy without trying too hard.  They are for a chic anglophile, which I suppose describes me to a T.  They are my perfect jean, except for the price of course.  But I have a feeling they aren’t that difficult to make.  Another summer project?

The infamous Jag Jeans

Georgia May Jagger in the ad

I want both the shorts and the pillow!

Elle Macpherson in the jeans


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More Madewell Please!

Today I rediscovered how much I love Madewell, particularly their accessories.  I would love to own about seven of the shoes on the website (and that is without their gorgeous boots up yet).  And then I scrolled down to the bags and jewelry and felt a strong urge to own all of those as well!

Madewell has officially put me under their spell of classic American chic.  I might just have to get a job there when I get back to New York.  It might be a necessity, since I will obviously be spending all of my time there.

Here are my favorite shoes:

And the bags:

The Jewelry:

And a darling little hat to top it all off:

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