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A. McQueen.

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The Marriage of Fashion and Politics

Diane von Furstenberg tote

President Obama was in town last night (NYC that is) for a little fundraising dinner hosted by Anna Wintour.  I love this.  I really do.  The whole fashion industry really got behind Obama, designing shirts, reusable tote bags, putting Michelle on the cover of Vogue and creating more eco-friendly clothing.

Tracy Reese Shirt

The dinner cost $30,400 per person and was attended by some of America’s finest, most prominent designers, such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, and Donna Karan.

It has also been announced that after much consideration, Chelsea Clinton has decided on a gown designed by Vera Wang to wear during her much anticipated wedding to Marc Mezvinsky.

Marc Jacobs Shirt

I actually think fashion and politics have more in common than they would like to admit.  Both have a foundation in money, relationships, who you know and they are both deeply seeded in change.  Fashions change just as much as who is in power.

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American Woman

Every summer I take a trip into New York to see the Costume Institute’s most recent exhibition at the Metropolitian Museum of Art.  And last Wednesday I had a chance to see the newest one, sponsored by Conde Nast and Gap, the title is “American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity.”

Personally, I think all of the exhibits they put on are beyond incredible.  The first one I went to was all Chanel, and I happened to bump into Tim Gunn so that was exciting.  This one was beautiful.  I loved seeing the changes in American styles and how they developed in the beginning part of the 20th Century.  The clothes were always stunning but in different ways, and completely different from each other from decade to decade.

My favorites were the Bohemians and the Flappers, followed closely by the glamorous movie stars of the 30’s.  There was one dress that I was instantly drawn to in the Flapper room, and of course, it was Lanvin.

If you can get to the city to see it I really recommend it, if not for the clothes, to see the psychology behind how clothing was impacted by society and vice versa.

Exhibition Poster

The Athletic Gibson Girl.


Close Up of Bohemians


Old Hollywood Glamour of the 30's


Close Up of Hollywood


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Fashion Puppet Pals

They are absolutely everywhere. All over the internet, featured on the Vogue UK blog and Refinery 29.  On the manicured hands of Tim Gunn and potentially pinned to the jackets of everyone at Fashion Week.

These are, of course, the fashion finger puppets, of which I hope to be a collector.  They are adorable and quirky and actually match the likeness quite well.

Some of these puppets are sold individually, and others in sets like the ones created for the various Fashion Weeks.  There is a New York group, London, Milan, and Paris group.  Though they are a bit expensive, $120 for a set, they might be worth it when you have an insanely fashion knowledgeable child one day.

Anna Wintour

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagergeld, Boris Johnson, and Grace Coddington

New York Fashion Week, with Andre Leon Talley and Donna Karan

Paris Fashion Week, with Alber Elbaz and John Galianno

To see more of the fabulous creations, go to

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Thinking Cap

SPUR Fashion Magazine

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Birthday Blog (aka the Balloon Post)

Coco Rocha in Japanese Vogue

Japanese Vogue

Dior Advertisement

Louis Vuitton

Stella McCartney


Vogue Korea

Vogue Korea

Marie Antoinette

As today is my birthday I felt the extreme need for a birthday post, complete with balloons, cake Marie Antoinette, Coco Rocha and, of course, Vogue.


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A Little Piece of Spain in Soho

I was in the city on Wednesday, doing various fashion-y things.  I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the most recent costume exhibit titled “American Woman”.  It was beyond amazing, and I think it deserves it’s own post later on.  I also got an amazing Helmut Lang shirt for $30 at a sample sale and a new wallet at Topshop (a store I should really not be allowed in).  And after all of this I went to a styling party at Sol de Ibiza hosted by a fabulous personal stylist/lifestyle consultant I used to intern for, Dale.  Her company is DaleStyle, be sure to check out her amazing website, especially the styling video at:

So, I walk into Sol de Ibiza, which is at 52 Greene St. in Soho, and they have marcona almonds, so I am immediately hooked.  Don’t judge me, these almonds are one of my favorite things in the entire world and I haven’t had them in such a long time.  The store is effortlessly beach chic, with a great straw ottoman-like seating arrangement in the center and dressing rooms reminiscent of cabanas.  You actually want to try on clothes in them, there is no stark lighting or flimsy curtains here.

After the almonds (okay, and cheese) I walk around the store and instantly fall in love with a bathing suit fit for a Brazilian supermodel, a Ms. Bundchen (or rather Mrs. Brady), perhaps.  It was a deep teal with a huge piece of quartz in the center.

I also really liked this bathing suit, it was also a one piece, and even with its high neckline it was still really sexy and goddess-like.

Then I found the shoes, never a good sign.  I have a deep affinity for espadrilles, I got my first pair from Nordstroms when I was about 11 and have loved them ever since.  And at Sol de Ibiza there were some of the cutest I have ever seen.  I could absolutely picture myself walking to the market to pick up almonds and Manchego cheese in a pair of them.  Here were my three favorites:

These blue cork ones are incredible.  They were denim on the outside, with matching blue suede on the inside, four and a half inches high and, sadly, $395.  But a girl can dream right?

I thought these two pairs of pants were fun, and if I were living somewhere along the Mediterranean I would buy them in a heartbeat.

There were a few items of clothing that I really liked and that was the kaftan and this black lace dress that just had salsa written all over it.

I am a huge scarf person, I have a mini collection of vintage ones, and I thought the store had great scarves with really vibrant colors.  I might need to invest in one of them, if I could ever decide between the colors.

This one is actually a towel on the inside.

There was also a small collection of jewelry, and their hamsa/evil eye bracelets caught my eye.  I am (supposed to be) getting one for my birthday so I didn’t buy one, but I loved the variety of colors they had, and how clean and simple they were.

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