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MacAlister Me

J. Crew's MacAlister boot.

The style is super manly but the pale gold-metallic color is so feminine and perfect for fall.  I think J. Crew needs to send me a little care package to school with these inside.

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Street Chic

Since I live in New York City now and I am the proud owner of a brand new iPhone 4, I decided to marry the two and create Street Chic. These posts will consist of my taking pictures of hapless fashionistas on the streets of New York. Satorialist-esque but with a camera phone and my own comments.

First up is this girl and her boy (friend?) walking up 9th Ave. Her skirt looked like J. Crew and she paired it with a great cream lace t shirt.

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A Little Shopping Excursion

I’ve been told a few times I am a good shopper.  Like, really good.  The other day was a perfect example of this.

While exploring the many little towns of Connecticut I found a pair of Franco Sarto shoes on sale.  They were originally about $160 and they were on sale for $49.  They were also, regrettably, a size 8.  I am a 9.5 (ish-I can squeeze my feet into anything).  But these shoes were too good to give up so I slid them on carefully and walked around the store about a hundred times deciding which was more important, the well being of my feet or having great shoes.  I decided on the shoes.  When I brought them up to the counter to pay, they turned out to be $30.  It was meant to be.

Still elated from my shoe purchase, we head into another store, this time a designer consignment shop.  The first thing I see when I walk in the door is an amazing silk Giorgio Armani strapless top.  The original consignment price was $100, then marked down to $50 on top of which it was 40% off, leaving it to be $30.  The top was probably $650 to begin with.  Oh and the best part?  It fits perfectly.

Then I found a sheer blue and white silk stripped Michael Kors blouse, which I happened to be looking for, and a darling silk blue and pink polka dot dress with a Peter Pan collar and buttons up the back.  It is so Parisian chic!

Michael Kors shirt $20

Silk Dress $15


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Posen’s Princess

Finally!  Coco Rocha released a full length picture of her wedding dress just a few days ago.  And, it is even more beautiful than the first picture suggested.    It was absolutely worth the wait.  Coco looks so stunning in the dress, which could easily overwhelm any bride that is not a gorgeous supermodel in love with a fabulous interior designer that is James Conran. 

Oh, and dress aside, how adorable is the picture itself?  With the huge French castle in the background and the romantic embrace, it almost looks like it could be a still from a Disney movie, one with a princess who lives happily ever after, of course.

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Moving On

This bathing beauty vintage Vogue cover is in honor of my last day living in my sleepy beachside town in Connecticut, for a while at least.  My bathing suits will now be confined to roof top lounging and Central Park tanning, no more beaches for a year.

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Shabby Chic

I just got an apartment in New York City with three of my roommates, which I am, of course, very excited about.  However, it has now placed a great deal of stress on me to make my side of the room perfect.

My home decor style changes quite often.  Last year I liked graphic prints on everything from plates to duvet covers, courtesy of Ikea.  But now I love Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic.  This probably started with my more recent infatuation with anything and everything vintage and antique so naturally I would be drawn to Ms. Ashwell’s design aesthetics.

All my furniature for the room is vintage totaling about $80 total for a bed, a dresser, and a vanity table.  I bought Indian block print tapestries and table cloths and I also have my mothers vintage patchwork quilt.

The key to designing a room this way is to keep it clean and crisp, with plenty of white, so that it doesn’t look like a hermit cat lady.  There needs to be enough feminine detail to keep it looking young and fresh.  To do this I painted my dresser pale mint green, the bed white and the vanity table with have a white table cloth with baby pink roses on top.

These are my favorite Rachel Ashwell rooms:

I move soon, so when the room is finally to my liking, and I deem it worthy enough to stand beside these pictures I will upload a few.


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Do I Do the Do?

I am obsessed:

Emma Watson looks beyond stunning, and so grown up!  No one is going to call her Hermonie Granger anymore with those doe eyes and amazing hair cut.

I also love Mia Wasikowska’s, she looks so edgy and chic.  It completely changes her innocent demeanor.

And then, of course, there is Carey Mulligan’s haircut.  The one that started it all.

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