A Peek Inside My Dream Summer Wardrobe

I was having a lot of difficulty getting dressed this morning.  It happens to me every so often and really throws me off the rest of the day.  I do not mean to say that I am overly vain, just slightly obsessive with how I present myself to the world.

As much as I love summer clothes, they are rather limiting because I hate being hot.  I would always rather be shivering in an igloo than feeling sweaty and sticky in unbearable heat with no where to go.

And this is why I wish that the entirety of Phillip Lim’s 3.1 Summer 2010 collection would just waltz into my closet and make itself at home.  The fabrics he used breathe, they are airy and light, the neutral colors do not absorb any light (=added heat) and they are simply beautiful.  Not one of the pieces looks like it would overwhelm me and my sensitivity to the ever-changing weather of New England.

Phillip Lim is definitely one of my favorite designers, he manages to take classic American designs and make them so chic it hurts.  The models look happy in his clothing, not moody and sullen, which, personally, I prefer.

So Mr. Lim, if you are reading this, please send just one item, anything would be absolutely perfect.

Here is the look book of my dreams:



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2 responses to “A Peek Inside My Dream Summer Wardrobe

  1. Sarah Gene

    this is so you x 67

  2. I always look forward to the summer – even though, here in England, we seem only to have one for each decade – and fantasise about the playful and romantic summer dresses I will wear.

    Then the warm weather rolls around and I dissolve, both in the heat and sartorially.

    Friends tease that I am a ‘Winter Girl’ and it’s something of a truism… but even I would welcome summer if it meant owning any one of these Phillip Lim pieces.

    I particularly love the white, almost Grecian, dress and the blue floral motif.

    So, Mr. Lim, if you’re listening – send me a little something, something too!

    Sarah x


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