To me, this is Lady Gaga’s finest moment.  Her Vanity Fair cover shoot video is beyond fabulous.  It is Where the Wild Things Are meets couture, with a heavy serving of the color gray and a dash of sexuality.  I’m not Gaga’s biggest fan, but I do appreciate who she is and what she represents.  I love that she takes huge risks and isn’t scared of wearing a leotard in public.  She seems to genuinely love fashion and creativity, therefore I like her.

The video itself is really cool, to put it simply.  I like behind the scenes videos, especially those which show how beautiful images in magazines come to be.

Here is the video:

And an image of the final cover shot:

I actually really like it.  I love this glam hippy vibe and all the gray! (One of my favorite shades)  Gaga can really pull off this purpley-gray hair which is suddenly completely high fashion.  And she is naked without being trashy.  It totally works, and if this were anyone else, it would look too contrived, with Lady Gaga it looks so natural.


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  1. Michelle Coffey

    Gaga ooOoo lala!

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