Mui Mui Shows Us (Clevage)

Muiccia Prada does no wrong in my eyes.  Both Prada and Mui Mui are amazing brands which speak to me.  I loved loved (loved) the Spring/Summer 2010 collection as well as the Fall/Winter which will hit stores soon.  The advertisements are always quirky and charming (see below) but the most recent campaign features very alien like models and a whole lot of air brushing.

This is the Spring/Summer campaign featuring Lindsey Wixon, big lips and all.

Super 60’s, Twiggy inspired, it is amazing and perfect and I love it.

But now with the Fall/Winter, the trend is more towards completely washed out faces and unrealistic face/body shapes:

I love the so called “alien” models such as Gemma Ward and Lily Cole, and it seems to me like this trend is coming back in the fashion industry.  However, Daphne Groenveld, the far left model honestly scares me in this image, but she is super pretty in real life.  And Lindsey Wixon is featured in these ads again, she is the one with the completely unrealistic cleavage.  The amount of photo shopping done to her chest bothers me to no end, and especially because it is done quite poorly.  I am no expert on photo-shopping, and I won’t pretend to be, but the shading and highlighting looks too fake to me, I am overly distracted by it too appreciate the great clothing.

These are images of Lindsey in a bathing suit:



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3 responses to “Mui Mui Shows Us (Clevage)

  1. Anonymous

    My thought is that if you want to talk about unrealistic body shape, look at the first ad campaign. While I appreciate that the shoes and the photography angle exaggerate her shape, there’s no denying that she looks just too skinny. The cleavage on the second campaign doesn’t exactly look natural either, but I personally have a bigger problem with the exaggerated skinniness.

  2. Though I completely agree the skinniness is out of control in the first ad campaign, I feel it is more to honor the 1960’s Twiggy era rather than to promote skinny models. I could be wrong with this, but changing someone’s body bothers me more than naturally exaggerating a feature. That said I am completely against overly skinny models and wish that the fashion industry would promote a more realistic body type.

  3. Anonymous

    I went to middle school with Lindsey. I can assure you that no one (outside of photoshop, maybe) is changing her body shape. Lindsey has always been this skinny. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. But I’m telling you, she looked like this before she had ever seen a runway.

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