Dolce and Gabbana Get It Right

Let’s be honest, I am not a Dolce and Gabanna kind of girl.  I don’t dress up in a leopard print bustier daily, though I am all about the red lipstick.  Now, this is nothing against the designers or the designs in general, it just really is not my personal style.  I find that it is often too matchy-matchy and sexy, and they have the tendency to be slightly gaudy.  But, that works for certain people, and I have come to terms with the fact that I am just not their customer.

That said, I loved their Spring 2011 collection.  The pieces in white lace were gorgeous and the epitome of Spring time.  Though the transition into the black and cheetah print pieces were nice, they were not in my mind the stars of the show.  However, the black look with Alessandra Ambrosio is beautiful.  (Speaking of which, they had amazing models!)

There were 80 looks in all, which I feel is a bit much and difficult to edit down, but I managed to get my favorites down to 20 ensembles.

I never thought I would be posting a Dolce and Gabbana collection here, but apparently there is a first time for everything!

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One response to “Dolce and Gabbana Get It Right

  1. sabrina

    i can totally see what you love about these clothes!!

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