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From Fleas to Fendi

I live three blocks away from one of the best weekly flea markets in Manhattan.  Though it is entirely coincidental I am still a huge flea market goer and scavenger and I did not pick the location of my current apartment so that I could see the market from my balcony.

I usually go every few weeks, although the past two weeks I went twice, much to my bank account’s dismay.  But no fear!  I only ended up buying two things and the total was $30.  The pictures for those purchases will be put up at a later date when I work them into an outfit.

But for now these are a few of the things I wish I bought and a taste of what the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market is all about.

I am truly in love with this coat but he wanted $150 for it...

There was no "R" otherwise that would be in my room right now

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Daphne + FIT

Daphne Guinness and FIT have a healthy loving relationship, and this couldn’t make me happier. I went to the Japan Now exhibit currently at FIT, curated by the fabulous Valerie Steele, and was pleasantly surprised. The exhibit was impressive to say the least. Japanese fashion is not my favorite but I loved seeing the minimalistic avant garde design sense of Yojhi Yamamoto and Issey Miyake next to that of Japanese Lolitas and CosPlay characters. I thought the mix of these two vastly different styles was great.

But what I liked the most was this sign.
See that sentence at the bottom?  Yes, the last one that says, “Gift of Daphne Guinness”.  There were two of these but the guard stopped me before I could take a picture of the second one.

Daphne Guinness donates to FIT, to my school, to my institute of higher learning.

She is one of my fashion icons. Period.

And it gets even better than this.  The Fall 2011 exhibit at FIT is going to be Daphne Guinness’s couture collection.  I died a little when I heard this (in a good way).

I think it is so unbelievably generous of her to show her world renowned closet to the world.  One that she has been building for decades.  One filled with Alexander McQueen originals and Chanel and Vivienne Westwood…

Just one more reason to look forward to next Fall.

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Project: Runway

So it took a little effort but I think I have figured out a way to show some of my videos from S/S 2011 Fashion Week!

Here is the first installment, my favorite show, 3.1 Phillip Lim.


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Windows in Meatpacking

Moschino Window

Moschino Window

Alexander McQueen Window

Alexander McQueen Window

Alexander McQueen Window

Alexander McQueen Window

Stella McCartney Window

Stella McCartney Window

I took these pictures about a month ago in the Meatpacking district.  At first I just thought the Moschino windows were funny, which is why I began taking pictures, but then I got down to Alexander McQueen and was literally awe struck.  Three dresses from his final collection were standing before me.  So obviously I went inside and it took everything I had not to touch the dresses.  Seriously, everything.

I went back a few days later and there were different dresses in the window, it must have been a rotating collection.

The shadow on the Stella McCartney window kind of ruins it, but I love the graphic from the ad with Natalia Vodianova.

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Fashion Blasphemy

Today is a lesson in Fashion Blasphemy.

The below pictures are not suitable for all audiences.  They may cause mild peril and shortness of breath.

I found this bag laying on the floor of the 34th St. subway in NYC.  I was too nervous to look inside in case there was a rather fashionable family of rats nesting amongst the baby blue tissue.

This is not okay.  A Lanvin bag should never, ever, ever, be on the ground of any station be it subway or in Grand Central.  If they are no longer needed they should be sent to me so that I can a. pretend that I am fabulous enough to have one or b. so that I can make a lovely collage and decorate my wall with the iconic shopping bag.

This is fashion blasphemy.  May it never happen again.

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Book Club

I am a huge fan of those wildly expensive fashion coffee table books.  For Christmas last year I received In Vogue which I had been longing after for months.  It is basically a biography of the fashion bible complete with stunning images, models galore, and one of the most interesting history lessons I have ever received.

A few weeks ago I found Extreme Beauty in Vogue at Anthropologie massively on sale for about $8 with tax.  I was so excited that I pulled it out on the subway ride back to my apartment and promptly finished the whole thing.  The photographs in this book, especially Irving Penn’s were some of the most visually interesting, thought provoking, and beautiful I have ever seen.  Penn was a true genius of the art world and his work in Vogue I believe truly elevated the magazine to what it has become today.

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Conflict Boots

I have a problem.  An internal conflict if you will.  I think that I am supposed to buy a pair of shoes.  The accessory gods are willing it, sending me messages everywhere I go.

I saw them in the Nordstrom catalog in July, instantly fell in love with them, saw the price, and cried myself to sleep.  They are Vera Wang and over $500.

So then when I am in Providence, RI one weekend I go to the mall head straight for the Nordstrom and lo and behold it is their Anniversary Sale and the boots are around $300.  I saw it as a sign that I was supposed to buy them, but the price tag was still too steep.

Yesterday I was in the new Nordstrom Rack in NYC and the boots were there.  In my size.  My size was the only one.  Fate?  They were $199.

I feel like I am being tested.  Do I wait to see if they will go down in price anymore?  Or does my next paycheck go to them?


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Golden Ticket

Lanvin for H&M is going to have a fashion show on November 19 in the Pierre Hotel.  I am Charlie Bucket and this is my golden ticket.  My Wonka Factory if you will.  I really need to know who I need to pay off, bribe, charm, etc. to get this ticket.  While it obviously is not the actual Lanvin show, it is the closest I will come to seeing it (until I am EIC of Vogue).

After this fabulous fashion show, the line will then premiere in Las Vegas (really…?) three days before it opens anywhere else.  Therefore my camping date has been changed to Nov. 22 so that I can be waiting outside H&M when the doors open the morning of the 23rd.

To tide me over until then, a new picture has been released, this time there is color involved.

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Dress Me! Dress Me!

I am a dress girl.  I will always pick a skirt or a dress over a pair of stiff boring jeans any day.  And Anthropologie has the most. for lack of a better word, adorable dresses for the Fall.  A Fall dress is on a whole other planet from a Summer dress.  It has to be functional and practical for the various types of weather that can occur in a day, or in New York, even an hour.

These are my absolute favorite Fall dresses from the ever whimsical and charming Anthropologie:


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Not That I’m Bragging…

…but New York Magazine‘s fashion blog, “The Cut” had a post about Ms. Muse today as well, right around the same time mine did.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Amy Odell is in my head, picking through my ideas and using them as her own.  Granted, she did interview her and all, but don’t I get props for posting mine first?

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