Building Code

Between my internship, my job, and just my daily life I have been (literally) trekking all over Manhattan the past few months and with the help of my trusty iPhone (yes, that is a shameless Apple plug) I have been able to take some pictures of beautiful, often passed over buildings, and quickly upload them to my computer.  I have amassed a little collection of these, and there will of course be more of these pictures as the year goes on.

Fire Station in Little Italy

Little Italy

Little Italy

San Genarro Festival










Meatpacking District

My future home in Meatpacking District


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2 responses to “Building Code

  1. Hi Ryann,

    Hope you’re well… :0)

    I adore fashion – heck, it’s something of a mandatory requirement when writing a fashion blog! – but there is perhaps one thing I love more.


    My grandfather was an architect and it always seemed the most wonderful career. What better way to be remembered than in those buildings you design and leave behind?

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of New York and I look forward to the next instalment.

    Sarah x

    • Thank you! Actually my mother is an architect so I have grown up with images of beautiful buildings much like yourself. I will have to be on the top of my game when scouring the streets of New York for new buildings to post now that I know you are so interested!


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