MacAlister Me: Part Deux

So I never did end up getting the metallic gold MacAlister booties from J.Crew.  I went so far as to try them on, and walked around in them for close to twenty minutes, but with my size 9 (read 9.5-10) foot they just weren’t that flattering.  So, alas, I did not buy them.  And yes, I am still bitter about it.

However, J.Crew does have these amazing wedge MacAlister booties which I have a feeling will look beautifully flattering on my feet.  The “dark pewter” color lust worthy.  Perfect for every season, from darling spring dresses, to leather shorts in the summer and dark cargo pants in the fall.  These are my new obsession, though they are, of course, $198, excluding New York’s lovely sales tax.

Maybe these are more practical than a pink sheep?

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