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Golden Ticket

Lanvin for H&M is going to have a fashion show on November 19 in the Pierre Hotel.  I am Charlie Bucket and this is my golden ticket.  My Wonka Factory if you will.  I really need to know who I need to pay off, bribe, charm, etc. to get this ticket.  While it obviously is not the actual Lanvin show, it is the closest I will come to seeing it (until I am EIC of Vogue).

After this fabulous fashion show, the line will then premiere in Las Vegas (really…?) three days before it opens anywhere else.  Therefore my camping date has been changed to Nov. 22 so that I can be waiting outside H&M when the doors open the morning of the 23rd.

To tide me over until then, a new picture has been released, this time there is color involved.


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Dress Me! Dress Me!

I am a dress girl.  I will always pick a skirt or a dress over a pair of stiff boring jeans any day.  And Anthropologie has the most. for lack of a better word, adorable dresses for the Fall.  A Fall dress is on a whole other planet from a Summer dress.  It has to be functional and practical for the various types of weather that can occur in a day, or in New York, even an hour.

These are my absolute favorite Fall dresses from the ever whimsical and charming Anthropologie:


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Not That I’m Bragging…

…but New York Magazine‘s fashion blog, “The Cut” had a post about Ms. Muse today as well, right around the same time mine did.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Amy Odell is in my head, picking through my ideas and using them as her own.  Granted, she did interview her and all, but don’t I get props for posting mine first?

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Model of the Month Club

Since I have this completely normal (strange) fascination with models it was only time that I create a Model of the Month Club.  It will be exactly like a Wine of the Month Club, except without the wine or me sending products out to members.  But it will feature one model a month in all her (or sometimes his) glory.

This month is Arizonia Muse, the new girl from New Mexico.  She graced most of the runways this season with her classic American looks, and I have a strong feeling she is here to stay.

So look to the right hand column under the hit counter and search bar and you will see a new image of Ms. Muse until November 1.  (Because she gets the end of the month I will update her picture everyday.)

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I. Can’t. Wait.

I feel like a child weeks before Christmas (please don’t ask why my past few posts have been about Christmas when I am Jewish…).  I have that anxious, excited feeling and I am so ready to tear open those presents.  And in this case presents means H & M’s doors on November 20.

Yes, yes we know Alber Elbaz is a god to me, and Lanvin is Mount Olympus.  I suppose that makes H &  M my shopping mecca because the two are teaming up to create the most fabulous line, well, ever.

I wanted to save this post until some images of the clothes came out and today they were all over the internet.

First there was the video with Natasha Poly, with the clothes blurred out of course, but now we have an advertisement!  A printed image of four models in seriously chic black clothes.

I am counting down the days until November 20.  I am saving all my money and not shopping until then so that I can buy every single piece.


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MacAlister Me: Part Deux

So I never did end up getting the metallic gold MacAlister booties from J.Crew.  I went so far as to try them on, and walked around in them for close to twenty minutes, but with my size 9 (read 9.5-10) foot they just weren’t that flattering.  So, alas, I did not buy them.  And yes, I am still bitter about it.

However, J.Crew does have these amazing wedge MacAlister booties which I have a feeling will look beautifully flattering on my feet.  The “dark pewter” color lust worthy.  Perfect for every season, from darling spring dresses, to leather shorts in the summer and dark cargo pants in the fall.  These are my new obsession, though they are, of course, $198, excluding New York’s lovely sales tax.

Maybe these are more practical than a pink sheep?

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Counting Sheep

For Christmas (Hanukkah) all I want is a pink sheep.  I realize I am a few months early, but my grandfather asked me two weeks ago what I wanted, so the topic has been on my mind.  Then I came across this lovely picture of Isabeli Fontana holding a bubble gum pink sheep, and decided I wanted one as well.

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