And the Award Goes to…

First and foremost, I would like to thank one of my fellow bloggers,, for passing on the “Stylish Blogger Award” to me!  Her blog truly lovely, everyone should really check it out, now.

The rules of this award entail that I state five things about myself and then pass it on to the next bloggers.  So, here we go.

1.  I think I have a semi-obsessive personality.  I find that I say that I “love” and have a million “favorite” things all too often.  But, I think that when I find something that I like, I just need to share it with everyone.  Besides, there are some truly amazing things in this world, maybe I am just good at finding the best of them.

2.  Alber Elbaz, Phoebe Philo, and Phillip Lim are gods in my mind.  They should be placed upon Mount Olympus where they will sip nectar and eat ambrosia, and send down their gorgeous clothes to us mere mortals.  If I could only wear their designs for the rest of my life (and all my lives after that) I wouldm’t be happier.

3.  I love walking.  When you take the subway or a taxi you miss everything.  I am currently wearing a vintage Oscar de la Renta shirt that I found for $20 at a vintage store in Nolita which I never would have walked into had I not decided to walk the three miles home one day after interning.  Now I try to walk home as much as possible.  And because of this I have discovered countless stores, restaurants, and secret parks that I might never have seen.

4. Though it might be taboo in the fashion industry, I love food.  I have recently discovered pumpkin, and in my fridge is pumpkin ice cream, cream cheese, and butter.  And the other day I made pumpkin muffins.  Chelsea Market is one of my favorite places in NYC, as is Whole Foods and Eataly.  Shake Shack makes the best ice cream, Amy’s Bread wins with their almond brioche, and Pies and Thighs has amazing biscuits, fried chicken, and of course, pie.

5. I am a complete anglo- and franco-phile.  I still have dreams about Paris, and I went there over four years ago.  The countryside towns like Sarlat are just calling me back, asking me to stroll down their cobblestone streets once again.  As of now I am set up to study abroad in London next fall.  I have already started planning where to eat and shop.  How to run into Kate Moss, or Daphne Guinness (when she isn’t living in NYC).

So that is me in five questions.  Now it is your turn.



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8 responses to “And the Award Goes to…

  1. I love this Ryann! I especially love your bit about walking everywhere and I am excited to hear what you think of London when you come nest year! x

  2. Ooh, thanks for the award!! Will think of some answers and post/pass on shortly.

    Miss B xx

  3. I’m totally the same! I am “obsessed” over something new everyday that is always “beyond anything EVER”. That’s the excitement about NY, there is always a new best thing around the corner!
    I will definitely try and incorporate this fun post into my next blog entry (whenever that may be)- oh finals, registration, and term projects, how I loathe thee…

  4. sabrina

    well said!
    i am proud of your award.


    Thank you so much for the award, Ryann.

    I am genuinely touched and absolutely loved your own answers. When are you moving to London? Whereabouts in this great city are you planning to make your temporary home?

    We’ll have to arrange to meet – I’ll show you around and we can do something terrifically English like taking afternoon tea together! :0)

    Sarah x

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