I’ve been waiting seven years to say this…

Today is my first day at Vogue.

Yes, that Vogue.  I will be interning there for the Winter and Spring semester, so be sure to look forward to many more editorial (read Vogue) posts, not that I don’t have enough already…

But needless to say, I am probably the most excited I have ever been.  Ever.

The weeks in between the offer and today have been extremely stressful with finals, projects, work, and my previous internship taking up my life, but I am excited to be one test away from being done with school, and able to focus solely on one thing.

I have an addiction to magazines.  I could live the rest of my life doing nothing but reading (devouring) them and I would want nothing more.  So working at one again, especially my favorite, is kind of a dream come true, not to be absolutely cliche.

I actually cannot believe that I will be walking into the Conde Nast building three days a week.  I always used to walk past it with such reverence, thinking, “This is where I am meant to end up.”

And who knows.  Maybe I am.


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4 responses to “I’ve been waiting seven years to say this…

  1. Of course you’re meant to be there lady, they’re lucky to have you! You will be fantastic!!

  2. OH. MY. GOD! OH. MY. GOD! OH. MY. GOD!

    Congratulations, Ryann! I’m absolutely delighted – and excited, can you tell? – for you and hope that this experience brings your dreams closer.

    OH. MY. GOD! OH. MY. GOD! OH. MY. GOD!

    Sarah x

  3. P.S: I have just one word for you… GRACE CODDINGTON! :0)

  4. That is the best news all day – Ive heard – Apart from my lucky news too – I’m now a Sole Business operator, and I’ve chosen the business of fashion! (of course!) ~ Sounds like the universe has brought us both happiness! …
    Wow – Vogue (Oh, my Goodness!) x o x c o n g r a t s !

    (I’ll be toasting a glass of champers, thinking of both
    of our successes tonight! ) Light from Australia. X

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