To Dye or Not to Dye

That is the question.

I feel this deep need to do something drastic with my hair.  Maybe not even drastic just something, anything.   My  hair is in the “growing out” stage, and I am too scared to cut it a la Carey Mulligan and too indecisive to pick a “normal” color to dye it.

Then I was re-inspired when I saw Eva Chen’s Tumblr (Beauty Director at Teen Vogue) and all of her beautiful images backstage at the A/W 2011 Fashion Week with the model’s colorful dye jobs.  Last Spring this was a trend as well and I want to do it then too, but I had just gotten my hair done at the Frederic Fekkai salon and I was nervous the dyes would not react well together.

My problem is that I don’t want it to look “punk” or like I am trying to be something I clearly am not, I just want it to be fun and chic!  I also can’t decide if it will look awkward because my hair isn’t very long, it’s about mid shoulder now.  Though, if on a whim, I do end up doing it one random night, I think a light lilac or baby pink would be best with my strawberry blond hair…though I do love the pistachio on the model below.

Photo taken by Eva Chen

Photo taken by Eva Chen

Photo taken by Eva Chen

The one above of Dree Hemingway is my favorite.  Maybe I will just go all out and bleach my hair then dye random strands and the tips.


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8 responses to “To Dye or Not to Dye

  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. risky!!!!!!
    If you are going to do it I feel like Dree Hemingways is the best way to do it…
    I am nervous! But go for it girl, you only live once! 😉

  2. Yay!! go lilac or baby pink, I keep doing my hair tips lilac (with semi permanent dye) but it washes out so quickly (within a couple of weeks) that you dont get bored with it, or if you dont like it you dont have to cut it all off. Only thing is it does become a bit addictive! thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment xx

  3. It looks gorgeous – Why not? .. if I’m you, I try for subtlety (ie. around the back parts first) I LOVE the shot of Abbey Lee, not too subtle, right but looks fantastic, the last shot on Blonde looks so sweet too. x
    you can try these looks with makeup first even to see how it is before you take the plunge – try using blush powders in stronger colours, or lipsticks even bought from the cheaper section in a Pharmacy! .. (Would love to see your experiment/results I hope you try it on the Weekend! )

    (of course I just started this – 🙂 But pls Check out the colours from rave/techno fashion which are influential this season.. x t.

    Take Care

    Please feel you can join me
    on facebook:

  4. Totally Carey it. Maybe not her ‘Wall Street’ pixie crop, but the feathery, growing out stage she has ATM is cute. I reckon you could do it. And with pink-dyed ends, of course 🙂

  5. I think you should just do it! I know it’s easier said than done, but dont worry about what others think! If its a style you like then the style IS you..not you trying to be someone else..if that makes sense lol

  6. Hi Baby, great blog!
    My opinion? I believe in Pink!
    Have a nice day…

  7. Nia

    I’ve been obsessed with this look for a while, especially on Abby, but obvi it would be very difficult for me to pull off! I vote PINK

  8. I think you should give it a try, just a hint, a soft shade..

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