My Weekends: The Village & Nolita

I like to walk, a lot.  I also love to take pictures of what I see, as you can tell from previous posts.  It seems like every weekend I am now exploring a new part of this amazing enchanting city I live in.  Two weeks ago I wandered around The Village and SoHo.  There was brunch, chalked up sidewalks, and beautiful architecture.

the best brioche French toast I have ever had, in one of the most darling restaurants in the West Village, Elephant & Castle (click on the picture if you don't believe me).

The plates at Elephant & Castle (with eggs benedict on the side!)

Greenwich Village, I love these quiet almost European side streets

Heading into Nolita now, such a French building


my favorite street in New York, Elizabeth St. in Nolita

open air restaurant in Nolita

coming here next, Nolita

and here...

Washington Square Park

street art

the arch


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5 responses to “My Weekends: The Village & Nolita

  1. Nice site! Fun to read. Gorgeous pictures and sights in NYC.

    I write the Washington Square Park Blog.


  2. These little side streets remind me of both Paris and London. I know a place in Paris that has one attached to a apartment building. It’s really strange but super cute. You can only see it from the apartment building too. You’d never know it was there.
    Your blog really makes me want to visit Nolita. Those buildings seem so gorgeous.
    Btw, I came here from the Ed website and a little Google search. Congratulations on winning a trust fund!

    • Thank you Anne! The buildings are stunning. I am planning on being in Paris in a few months so I am excited to compare the architecture. Just checked out your blog, I love your Food Friday posts and your photographs are great!

      • Oh, that’s exciting! You’ll have to do a side by side comparison for your blog! I’m sure there are so many similarities we wouldn’t notice unless put side by side.

        Thanks for checking out my blog. Glad you liked the photos.

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