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Whatever tickles your fancy

I know this is my last post for my 30 Day Challenge and I should have a huge grand finale planned, and I did . . . however what currently “tickles my fancy” is what I am wearing today.

It is a Free People romper.

And I am in love.

Free People Romper

That obviously isn’t me in the picture, but isn’t it adorable?

I love that it doesn’t completely look like a five year old would be wearing it to a birthday party, but it is still fun and sweet enough that it doesn’t think too much of itself.  It is a romper remember.  (And yes, clothes think).


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 Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

I hope, dream, and plan on getting an internship at Vogue magazine spring of my sophomore year of college. 

That is basically what I hope for most.

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This year, in great detail

This year (May 2009-May 2010) has for the most part been a year of firsts and of milestones.

I graduated high school last June (finally) and moved into a dorm in Chelsea in NYC where I also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.  My first semester there I was a Fashion Merchandising Major but then I promptly did an internal transfer to a new major which I love, Advertising and Marketing Communications.

October 2009, I got an internship with a great personal stylist, Dale, who created the company DaleStyle (  I learned so much through this internship and it was an amazing experience.

In January I got a much coveted internship at Elle magazine in the fashion closet.  I was there two full days a week and every minute of it great.  I got to see beautiful clothes straight off the runway, clothes that other people have to wait months to see.  I also had the chance to interact with editors and PR companies and visit various showrooms.  It was not necessarily easy work, and anyone who thinks fashion is mindless and simple should spend just a few hours at a magazine to see how complicated it really is.

And now I am back in Connecticut, doing pilates in the morning and working in a boutique named Grace ( during the day.  I live in a cozy beach community complete with tourists and clam shacks, and though I much prefer New York City, it is nice to come home to relax once in a while.

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This month, in great detail

This month, I will be honest, has not been super interesting.  I really do not feel the need to discuss it in “great detail” like I did my past week.  This month has mainly consisted of me studying for finals (ish), preparing for my Creative Fashion Presentation final fashion show, and interning at Elle every Thursday and Friday.  Oh yes, and shopping.  But that is not out of the ordinary, I always shop.

I also went to Brooklyn and explored the area called DUMBO (which stands for, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) for a day, which was actually pretty fun and a nice escape from the busy streets of Manhattan.  I went to the famous Jacques Torres chocolate shop and got a “wicked” hot chocolate, which is seasoned with chili powder, and there were some great little stores and art galleries all over the area.

This Saturday I got home from NYC and I began work today at an adorable boutique in Niantic, CT named, Grace.  It is nice to be home and have the ability to relax, though I have a feeling that once I start working again I will begin to have less and less time to myself.

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Your week in day in great detail.

I’ll admit, I have been dreading these final 30 Day Challenge posts.  My week in great detail?  My week really isn’t that fascinating, but I suppose I could try to be creative and make it sound fun and interesting.

I think since today is Monday, I should do my past week, which also happened to be my last week at both FIT and Elle for a few months.

Monday, May 17: I didn’t have class until 5 pm, where I only had to hand in my final paper, so this was a lazy Monday, the best kind.  I decided to go for a run in the gym to relax before my week of stress and studying.  After, I handed in my paper to my Strategic Planning teacher, he decided to read it then and there while I watched nervously.  He said that he was very impressed by it, garnering my paper an A.  Later I began studying for my Psychopathology final exam which would take place Tuesday at 6:30 pm.  Then I was in my friends fashion show dressed up like a “Sleeping Beauty” which was pretty fun and then I went out with another friend for sushi.  This is where I discovered sweet potato tempura rolls, a new obsession of mine.

Tuesday:  I had my Workshop in Direct Marketing presentation at 9:30 am.  It was a 30 min presentation in front of a panel of esteemed judges, who were not afraid to interrupt the presentation to ask questions and comment.  Then at 1 pm my photographer godfather, William Heuberger, took a picture of some of my friends and I for a project he is doing on FIT students.  After this I had to run to a lunch for new student tour guides, where I managed to eat a lot of lunch. Directly after this I had my last Creative Fashion Presentations class, where we looked at pictures and critiqued our amazing fashion show that we put on last Tuesday, which went flawlessly.  Then, since I couldn’t focus on studying for my exam, I went to the gym for about 40 minutes.  My Psychopathology exam began at 6:30 pm  and I was finished by 6:38 pm.  It was 25 multiple choice questions, and I studied for hours so I was not happy that it only took me eight minutes.  I studied for my morning exams for a few hours then paused to watch Glee and The City (only because they film it at Elle and I might have a cameo on it).

Wednesday: In the morning I had my Biology final exam, which was fairly easy, and then I had my Journalism final exam about an hour after it.  Since I was done with my freshman year at FIT I just lounged around the dorm reading magazines and catching up on tv that I had missed over the past few weeks.  That night my three roommates and I went out to dinner, as our last night together, at Serendipity, a.k.a. one of my favorite places in New York.

Carrot Cake and Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity.

Thursday: I had my second to last day at Elle today and had to train new interns for the fashion closet.  It was a busy day but so much fun.  I was really sad that the next day was my last.

Friday: My last day at Elle was bittersweet because I was obviously sad to leave, but it was such an amazing experience and I was happy to be able to go home for a few months to relax.  I met one of my roommates after work to go shopping in Herald Square and then we had amazing thin crust pizza and frozen yogurt.  That night, we packed for a few hours then had a mini Friends marathon.

Saturday: One of my roommates moved out early Saturday, so I was up since 9 am.  Then after cleaning my room, packing and showering my mother and brother arrived to move me out.  It was a bit stressful, but we were able to go to Whole Foods to pick up some of my favorite foods that I can’t get in Connecticut and we bought 30 bagels from Brooklyn Bagels, which I had the pleasure of holding on my lap for the 2 hour car ride home. Needless to say I ate one.

Sunday: Sunday was a leisurely day consisting of bagels and CBS Sunday Morning.  Then my best friend came over and we attempted unpacking my things, which resulted in getting two of my 12 bags unpacked.  Then we decided we are going to repaint my room this summer and rearrange it.  I also discovered that I have eclectic taste when it comes to room decor and that I want my room to look like a Parisian Anthropologie catalog.  I ate two dinners this night, one from my favorite Chinese restaurant and the other at my friends house, which consisted of homemade pesto pasta and salad.  Then I finished the night with my first trip to Dairy Queen of the summer and my new book The Girl who Played with Fire, by Steig Larsson.

So that is basically my week in great detail.  I hope it was interesting and gave a sliver of insight into my life, my Type A personality, love of food and, of course, fashion.


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Your day, in great detail

I have a feeling my day is going to be quite boring, but I must keep the 30 Day Challenge alive.

Therefore I will update this post as things occur.

So far I woke up and ate half of an everything bagel from Brooklyn Bagels with cream cheese.

Now I am watching CBS Sunday Morning which I will admit is not that horrible.

I have so many bags and boxes to unpack that I feel it will take me days to organize, so I might as well start now.

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Whatever tickles your fancy

What tickles my fancy right now is Lara Stone’s wedding this past week.

Riccardo Tisci, head designer of Givenchy, designed two incredible couture dresses for Ms. Stone’s spring wedding to David Wailliams. I wrote about this before in an earlier post about which model I am more envious of, her or Coco Rocha (Zac Posen is designing her dress).

While I like Coco better as a model, I am honestly not sure if Zac Posen can top Tisci’s two dresses.  The wedding dress itself was gorgeous, much different than I expected, but in a good way.  Tisci has a slight tendency to go a bit gothic, but this dress was anything but.  It was a cream lace, edged with a gold braid which fit her body perfectly.  The only picture of the dress so far is this one below, it shows the detail nicely but it doesn’t have the full dress in it unfortunately.

The second dress he designed for her was for the after party.  It a a gold, sequined short busty dress that is perfect for a glamorous, fun evening.

The couple drove away in an adorable, British chic Rolls Royce.  The perfect getaway car.

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