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Ball Gown Skirt + Led Zeppelin Shirt, Don’t Mind if I Do






























Jewelry Close Up:


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Vogue. Day 2.

I felt the second day called for an all black ensemble, I am at a fashion magazine after all.

I chose this black Saks Fifth Ave. jumpsuit and pinned one of my great-grandmothers rhinestone pins on the lapel, and topped it off with black suede Chanel loafers.


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Vogue Day 1 Ensemble

Basically everything I am wearing is Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie (I get a great discount…) and the boots were from this random shoe store on 7th Ave.

I swear I am going to have an anxiety attack trying to figure out my outfit everyday…


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I’ve been waiting seven years to say this…

Today is my first day at Vogue.

Yes, that Vogue.  I will be interning there for the Winter and Spring semester, so be sure to look forward to many more editorial (read Vogue) posts, not that I don’t have enough already…

But needless to say, I am probably the most excited I have ever been.  Ever.

The weeks in between the offer and today have been extremely stressful with finals, projects, work, and my previous internship taking up my life, but I am excited to be one test away from being done with school, and able to focus solely on one thing.

I have an addiction to magazines.  I could live the rest of my life doing nothing but reading (devouring) them and I would want nothing more.  So working at one again, especially my favorite, is kind of a dream come true, not to be absolutely cliche.

I actually cannot believe that I will be walking into the Conde Nast building three days a week.  I always used to walk past it with such reverence, thinking, “This is where I am meant to end up.”

And who knows.  Maybe I am.


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There were flurries today so…

I saw a few dozen snowflakes today, therefore New York City saw it’s first snow of the season.  So of course that calls for some snowy editorials.

Vogue Italy


W Magazine


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What’s Your Sign?

This spread in the December 2010 issue of French Vogue staring Siri Tollerod has just catapulted itself into my Top 5 list of favorite  editorials.  The styling and art direction is so cozy and whimsical, I just want to live in the world they created, completely decked out in the clothes of course.  The whole issue was actually really amazing, all about “stars” whether it be models, actresses, or signs.  And the color gold popped up a lot, which brightened my early December quite a bit (completely needed).


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Model of the Month Club: Jourdan Dunn

Twenty year old British model, Jourdan Dunn, is December’s Model of the Month.  Along with walking over 90 fashion shows since she began modeling three years ago, Dunn was also the first black model to walk for Prada in more than a decade.  She was also on the cover of the 2008 Italian Vogue devoted to black models, as well as I-D, Elle France, Vogue, and Teen Vogue.

Though she is amazingly beautiful, with very high cheek bones and cat eyes, Dunn is probably most known for her killer legs.

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