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Some Adventures in New York

One of the things I love best about New York is just walking the streets and exploring new places.  Yesterday, even though it was about 20 degrees outside I walked two miles to the grocery store (Trader Joes) just so that I could emerge myself in a part of the city I hadn’t been to before.  It was a complete eye opener.  For some unbeknownst reason I had never ventured ten blocks up from where I live, I guess I just assumed there was nothing really around there.  And apparently I was wrong.  Where I live, on the very West side of the island, there is basically nothing 10 blocks above or below, but once you cross that barrier there are wonders to be found.

These are pictures from some of my random walks like the one above.

Subway Monsters

New Telephone

The circus is in town

$1 a slice

Inside the theater at American Idiot

Stopped at a flea market on my way to Trader Joes

Mermaid windows at a vintage store in Chelsea



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