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World’s Largest Fashion Show. Ever.

Last night I should have been one of the 1,500 guests at Lincoln Center watching 150 models walking in the world’s largest fashion show.  I should have been in the front row, sitting among the magazine editors and celebrities.  I should have seen the 9 act show, 171 looks in all.

But instead I was in a lecture on The Oresteia written by Aeschylus in 458 BCE.  I was in my Greek Mythology class instead of attending (or at least viewing the live stream online) this fabulous event.

This fashion show, hosted by Andre Leon Talley of Vogue and fashion blogger/model Hanneli Mustaparta, was supposed to kick start Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out.

The venue was pretty amazing, like a Shakespearian theater in the round.

Anna Wintour

Carolina Herrera and Lynn Wyatt

I love Carolina Herrera’s Fashion’s Night Out shirt, it is the perfect representation of both her and her sense of style.

Coco Rocha walking in the show.

Gisele Bundchen

Thankfully, CBS is airing a recap of the show Sept. 14.

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Fashion Puppet Pals

They are absolutely everywhere. All over the internet, featured on the Vogue UK blog and Refinery 29.  On the manicured hands of Tim Gunn and potentially pinned to the jackets of everyone at Fashion Week.

These are, of course, the fashion finger puppets, of which I hope to be a collector.  They are adorable and quirky and actually match the likeness quite well.

Some of these puppets are sold individually, and others in sets like the ones created for the various Fashion Weeks.  There is a New York group, London, Milan, and Paris group.  Though they are a bit expensive, $120 for a set, they might be worth it when you have an insanely fashion knowledgeable child one day.

Anna Wintour

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagergeld, Boris Johnson, and Grace Coddington

New York Fashion Week, with Andre Leon Talley and Donna Karan

Paris Fashion Week, with Alber Elbaz and John Galianno

To see more of the fabulous creations, go to http://www.rubbishmagshop.com/.

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September Can’t Come Soon Enough

Fashion’s night out last year was incredible.  I got to see and meet so many amazing people from Rachel Zoe to Andre Leon Talley, even Coco Rocha doing Irish Step Dance for Donna Karen in her DKNY store.  

This year it is scheduled for Friday, September 10th but on September 7th NYC will host it’s largest fashion show ever, comprised of 200 top models and looks from designers Fall 2010 lines.  Oh and you can go.  It is open to the public, for a fee of course.  1,500 lucky fashionistas can purchase tickets this summer for what is sure to be one of the greatest fashion shows in existence.  And a portion of the proceeds will go New York City AIDS Foundation. 

VOGUE, who put’s on the whole event, promises to make this years FNO even bigger and better than last years which will be a hard act to follow.  

Last Year's FNO Shirt


This year's FNO shirt.


I’m sorry to say that I really really don’t like the FNO shirts this year! I loved the ones last year, they were super soft and comfy and I bought mine at Bendel’s so I got a much coveted Bendel’s bag to put it in.  But this year they are so graphic and boring.  I don’t think they represent fashion or NYC at all.  While I am disappointed, I will of course buy one, I hope to have a collection of all of the original shirts over the years.  I just hope next years shirts can live up to my expectations.

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