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Cynthia Steffe Fashion Show

On Sunday, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Cynthia Steffe fashion show at Lincoln Center.  This was my first time going to a show sponsored by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  And even though I have been to some pretty big shows (3.1 Phillip Lim, Y3 Yojhi Yamamoto, etc), I had never been to the “Tents” before.

It was definitely an experience.  There were photographers snapping pictures everywhere and famous faces on cell phones in the plaza of the arts center.  I saw Linda Fargo (Vice President of Visual Merchandising at Bergdorf Goodman) and Robert Verdi within my first few minutes there, followed by countless Reality TV “stars” (Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen) and models galore.

For Christmas, as I mentioned in a previous post, my Grandfather wanted to buy me vintage dresses because he knows how obsessed with them I am.  I had actually seen a black silk Yves Saint Laurent skirt and dress set about a year and a half ago at the vintage store I go to in Connecticut, Tova’s, and completely fell in love with it.  Do not ask me why but I didn’t buy it the first time I saw it but I actually thought about it frequently since then and wished I had.

Apparently it was fate because when I went in December, because it was there, and it fit, and it now hangs ceremoniously in my closet.  I consider it possibly the most beautiful item I own and I only wish I could wear it everyday.

I decided that Fashion Week would be the perfect time to introduce my vintage YSL to the world, and I chose to outfit myself like a modern day Audrey Hepburn circa Breakfast at Tiffanys.

I paired the dress with vintage YSL heels, sheer black tights, one of my roommate’s belts, my great-grandmothers jewelry and a rhinestone pin in my hair.

The show itself was actually really great!  The designer drew inspiration from modern royalty which could be seen in the jewel tones and incredible fur collars.  I really need one in every color, especially with the turn in the weather today.  The collection was very classic and looked like a beautiful Fall day, very warm and colorful with a bit of luxury mixed in.

It is surprisingly hard to take good pictures at a fashion show from the seats because of the lighting and pace of the models walk, so if you aren’t satisfied by my pictures go to style.com and check out their professional ones, the collection was definitely worth the second look.

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The Tourist

Yesterday was my last day in New York City for about two weeks, and I decided to brave it uptown for a chance to see the windows.  I usually hate going to touristy places like Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Herald Square, Union Square, etc. for fear of being trampled or eaten alive, or something of that nature.

But the Bergdorf Goodman windows were calling, no, beckoning me.  I had to see them before I left, those and the Barney’s windows on Madison Ave. are my favorites.

I had heard excellent things about Bergdorf’s windows and had seen images online, but nothing is like seeing the huge elaborate windows which took thousands of painstaking hours to make, in person.  I felt I owed it to the stores and the designers to make my way up there and fight the throngs of tourists clogging 5th and Madison Avenue.

It was completely worth it.  The Bergdorf windows were absolutely stunning.  They have an amazing ability to mix in the gorgeous clothes which were shown last February into these whimsical designs and creations and make a cohesive window which does not over power the clothing.  Even with moving parts, music, glitter, horses, telescopes and crocodiles with diamonds in their eyes, the clothes are still front and center, creating a deep desire to own them and live in this wonderful fantasy world as they do.

The Barney’s windows have a special place in my heart as well, because I am such a foodie and the store was wishing everyone a “Foodie Holiday”.  Because of that I loved the giant papier mache chefs in snuggies and Paula Deen with butter in her pockets, and Anthony Bourdain with a smug look on his tanned face.  The Illy window was extremely well done and could have easily looked like a Project Runway challenge gone awry, but with Simon Doonan leading the team of window dressers, it looked beautiful.

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Barney’s Co Op: Happy Birthday To You!

Maybe I am a sadist, or maybe I just love beautiful clothes, but in honor of Barney’s Co Op turing 25 this year I decided to torture myself by picking out some of my favorite things they sell (and until I am EOC of Vogue, cannot currently afford).

Barney’s happens to be my third favorite department store (behind Henri Bendel and Jeffrey), though I suppose I could say that they are my favorite large department store, beating out Bergdorfs, Bloomingdales and the like.  I also happen to think that the idea of Barney’s Co Op is perfect for the fashion industry and consumers alike.  This is where the young come out to play, where up and coming designers can showcase their designs and send their message out to the world.  Quirky, funny things happen in a place like Barney’s Co Op and I wish them another 25 years (though hopefully much, much more).

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2010 FNO

Scene: Fashion’s Night Out, New York City, September 10, 2010.

I really (really) wanted to see (meet, talk with, ogle) Daphne Guinness and Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington, now none of that happened, I didn’t even get to catch a glimpse of any of their infamous crops of hair, but I still had a worthwhile time.

Admittedly, last year was more exciting, it was brand new and not nearly as crowded or corporate, but it is still an amazing opportunity to meet famous fashion folk that you might not ever get to see.

I first went to Bergdorf Goodman, and after standing in line for a while (read: cutting the line of a few hundred people) I made it inside only to find out I missed all the food and drinks, and Sarah Jessica Parker was scared to come out of the elevator because there were so many people.   I did, however, get to be about a foot away from (and smile at) Linda Fargo and Robert Verdi.

Bergdorf Goodman window

Linda Fargo has one of the most amazing jobs on the planet and I am supremely jealous of her.  She is Vice President of Visual Merchandising and Women’s Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman.  Her taste level and creativity is like none other.  And Robert Verdi, is a lovely eccentric stylist.

Linda Fargo

Robert Verdi

Robert Verdi

After that I went over to Barney’s, with the hope of bumping in to Daphne, but as we know that didn’t happen.  However, I was able to meet Simon Doonan (Creative Director of Barney’s and one of my favorite people on the planet) again.  We had a cute little photo shoot and then I went on my way up to the 5th floor where Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were supposed to be, but it was so crazy and not worth it in my mind so I left.  And according to Twitter they didn’t show up for like an hour.  I did get a picture of the Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington dolls though. . .

Anna and Grace dolls

Simon Doonan and I

Simon Doonan and I

So, I started wandering around New York City without a plan, heading into stores I thought looked interesting, and I ended up having pretty good luck.  At Fratelli Rossetti, Behati Prinsloo (Victoria’s Secret model) was showing her photographs, which were actually really good.  I got a few pictures with her and a talked with a photographer for a while.

Behati Prinsloo and I

Then I went over to the Bergdorf Goodman Men’s Store where a ping pong, air hockey, and foosball table were set up where you could challenge famous designers to a match.  When I was there Henry Holland was facing off against Georgina Bloomberg (Mayor Bloomberg’s youngest daughter).

Henry Holland

Then I went over to Prada, where I knew Grace Coddington was holding court, but of course she left right before I got there.  There was an amazing mannequin made up to look like her.  There were amazing mannequins everywhere, with wigs that must have been done by Julien d’Ys.  Oh yes, and the floor was fake grass, which was super fun to walk on in heels.  On the second floor Michael Urie (Mark on Ugly Betty) and Tessa Thompson were sitting on a bench completely undisturbed and deep in conversation.  Why no one swarmed them is beyond me.

Mannequins at Prada

Grace Coddington mannequin

Michael Urie and Tessa Thompson.

I popped over to a much too crowded Versace where I just took a picture of the models and then headed over to Saks Fifth Ave where as I was walking through the door Anthony Williams from Project Runway was leaving with a camera crew.

Versace Model

Anthony Williams

So all in all I would say a pretty successful night.

(All photos were taken on the newest addition to my family, the iPhone 4, my digital camera died this summer, but hopefully I will get a new one soon so that I can show better quality photos!)

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