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Barney’s Co Op: Happy Birthday To You!

Maybe I am a sadist, or maybe I just love beautiful clothes, but in honor of Barney’s Co Op turing 25 this year I decided to torture myself by picking out some of my favorite things they sell (and until I am EOC of Vogue, cannot currently afford).

Barney’s happens to be my third favorite department store (behind Henri Bendel and Jeffrey), though I suppose I could say that they are my favorite large department store, beating out Bergdorfs, Bloomingdales and the like.  I also happen to think that the idea of Barney’s Co Op is perfect for the fashion industry and consumers alike.  This is where the young come out to play, where up and coming designers can showcase their designs and send their message out to the world.  Quirky, funny things happen in a place like Barney’s Co Op and I wish them another 25 years (though hopefully much, much more).

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