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Karlie Kloss Takes Over the World

Karlie Kloss

I think it is time I devote a post to Karlie Kloss.  This is mainly because she is everywhere.  Opening runway shows, doing advertisements, being featured in editorials.  And she is only 17.  And grew up in Missouri.  No big deal.  She is also 6 feet tall.

Am I envious? Jealous of this doll faced girl traversing the globe wearing the most beautiful clothes imaginable?  Well yes, maybe a little bit.

But I have to hand it to her, she’s good at what she does, she has an interesting look to her, and she is such a chameleon.  One day she will look like a carefree teenager, 16 years old at best, and then a few hours later with a little mascara and some blush she is a Dior vixen twice her age.

Let’s examine some of her best magazine work, both ads and editorials:

Sonia Rykiel for H & M

Oscar de la Renta


Marc Jacobs



And the runway:



Karl Lagerfeld

John Galliano

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jason Wu


Dolce and Gabbana

Christian Dior


Carolina Herrera


Alexander McQuenn

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Karl, Where’s the Love?

I really cannot believe I am about to say this, but the truth must come out.  This is like the time when I said that I didn’t like Sarah Jessica Parker’s yellow Valentino dress at her movie premiere.  This is something I do not do very often, but I cannot just ignore it.

The Chanel couture show.  What happened?  Where is the Karl Lagerfeld, I know and love?  The man who gave us:

Mr. Lagerfeld has a habit of making me yearn and lust for his dresses, occasionally dreaming about them and their absolute stunning beauty.  But this couture collection did not.  I was completely and totally underwhelmed, upset even, at the lack of creativity and wonder.  The pieces were pretty and obviously well made, but I do not want to think, “Oh, well isn’t that a nice jacket,” when seeing a show, I want to think, “What can I do to get my hands on it?  Who do I need to distract to sneak backstage and rip it off the model?”  And I did not feel this way about any of the pieces.  And this is Chanel!  One of the single greatest fashion houses in the world.  There were a few that I liked and I have posted them below.

I understand that they are great pieces, that the clothing is wearable and cautious of the uncertain times that we live in.  But I want to be transported from my quiet little sea side town, I want to forget about money, jobs, people, and the world frankly when I see a couture show.

I would really like to hear others opinions about the show, maybe I am way off base, but I have a feeling that I am not alone in this thinking.  (Also, remember that Lagerfeld often does a lot of looks in his collections, I have picked the absolute best, there are over 30 looks not present here.)

There are about 4 things (out of 64 looks) that I loved.  What happened Karl?

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Bring on the Couture!

The next few days will be entirely devoted to something I hold very close to my heart, couture.  This is the greatest art form in fashion, it is the medium in which fashion designers are their most creative and experimental.

First a definition to clear up a few misconceptions.

Haute Couture:  French for “high sewing” or “high dressmaking”.  It is custom fit clothing of the highest quality with the most expensive and luxurious fabrics and more often than not hand sewn, always with extreme attention to detail by the best and most experienced seamstresses.  The term is protected by law in Paris and defined by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris. And only companies listed by this elite group are technically allowed to call their designs “haute couture”.

The end.  No Juicy Couture or Romeo and Juliet Couture.   Only four designers are not French, and others show their collections as “Guest Members”.  The members come and go, like Donatella Versace, Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent no longer show couture collections but the houses once did.

There are also jewelry and accessories designers included in the group, but not too many.

The most famous current official members are:  Anne Valerie Hash, Chanel, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Givenchy, and Jean Paul Gaultier.  And the four foreign members are, Elie Saab, Giorgio Armani, Maison Martin Margiela, and Valentino.

The shows began this week in Paris and I have compiled my favorite looks from the collections.  Some I found absolutely amazing (Dior and Givenchy) and others were underwhelming (Chanel) but each of them offered exquisite craftsmanship and beauty, which is rarely seen anymore with our fast-paced, over efficient, busy world.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Teen Vogue


Michael Kors

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Take Five, Jason Wu

Jason Wu, adorable American designer famous for his quirky yet lady-like prints and gorgeous frocks, just premiered his resort collection.

It was very French, with obvious influences from Chanel and vintage YSL, yet Wu was still able to make it fresh and totally plausible in the new decade.

These are my Top Five favorite looks from the collection.  I wish this could be my summer wardrobe.

This is my picnic/outdoorsy outfit.

This is for my day on the boat sailing around the bay.

This is for a day trip into the city.

This fabulous ensemble is for lunch with the girls.

Summer wedding, anyone?

Jason Wu, keep up the excellent work. Oh and if you could send me one of those hats, that would be lovely!

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Another Trip to Cannes

Its been a few days since my last Cannes Film Festival post and since then there have been many new beautiful dresses and ensembles.

Most actresses chose Armani, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Dior and Chanel, but there were (thankfully) a few surprises.

Heloise Godet in Paco Rabanne

Heloise Godet in Paco Rabanne

Diana Rudychenko in Paco Rabanne

I have never, ever, seen Paco Rabanne on the red carpet.  And these two actresses wore his designs, couture from the 1960’s twice!  He was known as a Space Age designer, using metal and plastic in his super short mini dresses.  I actually didn’t even know that he was still alive and that there was still the Paco Rabanne design house, though I did know that his many fragrances are still popular.

It is really nice to see some vintage on the red carpet, especially from a designer who was so influential and really helped shape fashion of the 1960’s.

Below are some other beautiful red carpet ensembles:

Italian model, Eva Roccobbono in Christian Dior

Lea Seydoux in Gucci with the creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini (and Martin Scorsese in the middle)

Marion Cotillard in Lefranc Ferrant, and Jimmy Choo accessories.

Michelle WIlliams in Chanel

Austrian actress, Nora Von Waldstatten in Chanel

I really love the picture above.  I think the actress looks stunning, from her pale make up with a pop of red lip and the jeweled headband in her hair.  And the Chanel gown looks incredible on her.

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A talent of yours

Collages have been my creative tool of choice since I was in kindergarten and had to make a book of colors.  My mother still has it, lying in the second drawer of her nightstand.

I love putting pieces together and trying to make them work.

My walls at home are completely plastered with pictures.  From the floor to the ceiling, I have Chanel and Chloe, ads from every fashion magazine available to me.  I put up pictures from editorials, news stories, advertisements, and covers, they don’t necessarily go together, but it is so much fun trying to get them to work as one.

Scissors have helped me de-stress for years.  I would just sit on the floor of my bedroom and cut up 4, 5, 6 magazines at a time.  I was completely entranced by them and all of the colors and textures of the clothes or the different positions the models contorted their bodies and the wild makeup they had in editorial shoots.  For those few hours nothing could distract me, my mind was set on those pictures and making my wall the best it could be.  Johnny Depp and Moschino rarely go together but somehow in my collages they did.  It’s really all about finding connections, like Johnny Depp is dating a model named Vanessa Paradis and I have a few pictures of her on my wall so having that connection, in my mind, makes it work.

My Room

Close up of the side of my wall

Close up of my other wall

When I took Summer Live classes at FIT the summer before my senior year, I took a class called the Anatomy of Fashion.  In that class, we just cut up magazines and put them in a “Croquis Book” this was a portable collage, a portable wall for me.  Soon my collages changed and grew into more of an art where I would weave pictures together or make cut outs at various spots.  My Croquis Book has come with me to college, it is the grown up version of the color book I made in Kindergarten.

The Front of my Croquis Book

First Pages

Art Pages

Single Page

One of my favorite pages

Shoes and Bags

Mini Italian Vogues

Last summer I got a trunk for my birthday (read: begged my mother to buy it for me) and it was my summer project to decoupage it before taking it to college.  It took a while to go through my hundreds of magazines and find my absolute favorite photographs and then I had to glue them onto my trunk in a cohesive way.  The final task was to cover the entire trunk in Mod Podge, a glue/finish, to make it look shiny and nice.  It took the whole summer but I love the end result.

I received another trunk for Christmas this year, so guess what I will be doing this summer?

Top of Trunk

Front of Trunk

Back of Trunk

Side of Trunk

Other Side of Trunk


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