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American Princess

Vera Wang has really outdone herself.  But that is what is expected when you are dressing a former President’s daughter.  The soft cascading on the skirt of the dress was not an announcement of glamor, rather a proclamation of it.  The jeweled belt which sat just above the hips was beautiful and well crafted, it did not look like a bejeweled nightmare, which often happens.  Chelsea Clinton looked stunning in the Vera Wang creation, stunning and soft but still grown up.  She looked like a bride, comfortable in both the dress and who she has become as a person, and absolutely in love with her husband.

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The Marriage of Fashion and Politics

Diane von Furstenberg tote

President Obama was in town last night (NYC that is) for a little fundraising dinner hosted by Anna Wintour.  I love this.  I really do.  The whole fashion industry really got behind Obama, designing shirts, reusable tote bags, putting Michelle on the cover of Vogue and creating more eco-friendly clothing.

Tracy Reese Shirt

The dinner cost $30,400 per person and was attended by some of America’s finest, most prominent designers, such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, and Donna Karan.

It has also been announced that after much consideration, Chelsea Clinton has decided on a gown designed by Vera Wang to wear during her much anticipated wedding to Marc Mezvinsky.

Marc Jacobs Shirt

I actually think fashion and politics have more in common than they would like to admit.  Both have a foundation in money, relationships, who you know and they are both deeply seeded in change.  Fashions change just as much as who is in power.

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