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My Weekends: Chelsea

Chelsea holds a dear place in my heart.  Not only is it the home of my school, FIT, it also has the most darling side streets, both my favorite French restaurant, La Grainne Cafe, and my favorite bakery, Billy’s Bakery, and of course Chelsea Market (though that may be Meatpacking technically).

apricot jam crepe from La Grainne Cafe, perfection

protection from windy 10th ave.

here comes the sun

lipstick all day, every day

dilapidated empire diner

one of my favorite bookstores

children's books

i love doors...

baby gated door next to the one above

i showed this same apartment building months ago. the red door draws me in. i need to live there.

how does this happen? what French maid is running around the city without their feather duster?

slider at popburger


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Book Me

Last day of school before Thanksgiving break, thought I should make it a more intellectual post.

Passed, (and later went into) this lovely book store on 10th Ave. down in Chelsea, around 21st St.

Book stores are one of my Top 3 favorite places to visit, and this one has definitely been added to the list.

Happy Reading!

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Building Code

Between my internship, my job, and just my daily life I have been (literally) trekking all over Manhattan the past few months and with the help of my trusty iPhone (yes, that is a shameless Apple plug) I have been able to take some pictures of beautiful, often passed over buildings, and quickly upload them to my computer.  I have amassed a little collection of these, and there will of course be more of these pictures as the year goes on.

Fire Station in Little Italy

Little Italy

Little Italy

San Genarro Festival










Meatpacking District

My future home in Meatpacking District


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