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My Weekends: Chelsea

Chelsea holds a dear place in my heart.  Not only is it the home of my school, FIT, it also has the most darling side streets, both my favorite French restaurant, La Grainne Cafe, and my favorite bakery, Billy’s Bakery, and of course Chelsea Market (though that may be Meatpacking technically).

apricot jam crepe from La Grainne Cafe, perfection

protection from windy 10th ave.

here comes the sun

lipstick all day, every day

dilapidated empire diner

one of my favorite bookstores

children's books

i love doors...

baby gated door next to the one above

i showed this same apartment building months ago. the red door draws me in. i need to live there.

how does this happen? what French maid is running around the city without their feather duster?

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Russian Doll

Every time I come home I discover some fabulous vintage piece left by either my Grandmother or my Great-Grandmother, each equally fabulous in their own right.  Over Thanksgiving, I found some black leather Ferraegamo purses that had barely been touched and I now use one of them everyday.

But today I found a something that rivals it.  A hat.  For those of you who know me, as much as I would love to be, I am not a hat person.  It is very difficult for me to find one that I think fits my face and looks good on me.  Today while dressing all in black to head out into the vicious cold weather to go vintage shopping, I decided to try on my Grandmother’s Christian Dior mink hat.  It has been propped up on a shelf in my room like a museum piece for years now, the first time I tried it on it didn’t fit and I guess I never tried again after that.

I felt the urge to try it on again, praying it would at least fit, let alone look good.

I’m in love.

It is seriously so warm and cozy and chic I want to wear it every day.  To the beaches in Cape Cod and classrooms at FIT.


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Daphne + FIT

Daphne Guinness and FIT have a healthy loving relationship, and this couldn’t make me happier. I went to the Japan Now exhibit currently at FIT, curated by the fabulous Valerie Steele, and was pleasantly surprised. The exhibit was impressive to say the least. Japanese fashion is not my favorite but I loved seeing the minimalistic avant garde design sense of Yojhi Yamamoto and Issey Miyake next to that of Japanese Lolitas and CosPlay characters. I thought the mix of these two vastly different styles was great.

But what I liked the most was this sign.
See that sentence at the bottom?  Yes, the last one that says, “Gift of Daphne Guinness”.  There were two of these but the guard stopped me before I could take a picture of the second one.

Daphne Guinness donates to FIT, to my school, to my institute of higher learning.

She is one of my fashion icons. Period.

And it gets even better than this.  The Fall 2011 exhibit at FIT is going to be Daphne Guinness’s couture collection.  I died a little when I heard this (in a good way).

I think it is so unbelievably generous of her to show her world renowned closet to the world.  One that she has been building for decades.  One filled with Alexander McQueen originals and Chanel and Vivienne Westwood…

Just one more reason to look forward to next Fall.

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