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All Hallow’s Eve

I think it is a bit necessary for me to do a Halloween post.  I really love dressing up and being different characters, so you would think I love Halloween, and I do, but I often find it extremely stressful trying to pick out a costume.  It needs to be creative, cute, not too trashy but also not too conservative, but above all, fashionable.

So this year instead of worrying about what I was going to wear on the multiple nights of the weekend, I decided to pick about an hour before I was due to get ready.  Apparently I thought that being impulsive would yield a better costume than years past, and I think it did.

The funny thing is I didn’t have to buy anything for either of my costumes, these were things just hanging in my closet and folded neatly in my drawers that I managed to pull together to get the desired effect.

One boy was quite surprised to find out that I didn’t buy any of the pieces to my mouse costume.  He thought the bow on top of my head was most outrageous.  But I found it at the RISD alumni art sale last year, and have obviously managed to put it to good use.

So Friday night I decided to be a hippie flower child of the 1960’s complete with a painted face.

And Saturday night I was a mouse with a darling red nose.  Though I was meowed at on the street and I had to promptly tell the man that I was indeed a mouse, most people seemed to think I was a cat.

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