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Decisions, Decisions

I need a pair of black boots, not necessarily motorcycle, but along those lines.  Lace up is preferred and between the ankle and mid calf.  I have the perfect pair in my head but I have yet to find them anywhere for a good price.  I already have a pair of tan suede ones from about 4 years ago that I wear at least twice a week.  The are so comfortable and go with most of my wardrobe, and I don’t mean to replace them with these new black boots, more like give them a friend!

You may remember the Franco Sarto incident when I bought a pair of shoes too small (for an amazing deal) and couldn’t wear them because they didn’t fit.  It must have been magic at the store because I could barely get my foot in them when I brought them home and ended up selling them at Beacon’s Closet.

I have found two pairs at Free People which I think may fit the bill and live up to my standards.  I don’t want them to look like everyones else’s boot, I need a twist, something quirky to make them my own.

First up we have the Ryder Zip Boot.  I like the touch of red on the zipper, and my only concern is that they are a bit shorter than what I wanted.  But maybe since I already have medium height boots these would be fine.

The second boot is the Ann Arbor Boot which is more like the classic motorcycle/hipster boot.  I like their height better than the ones above I just worry that they look too messy.  Kind of a strange word for a boot but that is the best description I can think of.

They are basically the same price and I seriously need a pair of them asap.  They are a staple I should but somehow don’t have.

Thoughts? Preferences? Or if you have another suggestions that would be welcomed as well.

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A Little Shopping Excursion

I’ve been told a few times I am a good shopper.  Like, really good.  The other day was a perfect example of this.

While exploring the many little towns of Connecticut I found a pair of Franco Sarto shoes on sale.  They were originally about $160 and they were on sale for $49.  They were also, regrettably, a size 8.  I am a 9.5 (ish-I can squeeze my feet into anything).  But these shoes were too good to give up so I slid them on carefully and walked around the store about a hundred times deciding which was more important, the well being of my feet or having great shoes.  I decided on the shoes.  When I brought them up to the counter to pay, they turned out to be $30.  It was meant to be.

Still elated from my shoe purchase, we head into another store, this time a designer consignment shop.  The first thing I see when I walk in the door is an amazing silk Giorgio Armani strapless top.  The original consignment price was $100, then marked down to $50 on top of which it was 40% off, leaving it to be $30.  The top was probably $650 to begin with.  Oh and the best part?  It fits perfectly.

Then I found a sheer blue and white silk stripped Michael Kors blouse, which I happened to be looking for, and a darling silk blue and pink polka dot dress with a Peter Pan collar and buttons up the back.  It is so Parisian chic!

Michael Kors shirt $20

Silk Dress $15


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