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A Love Letter to Spring

I am one of those weird people who really like Fall and Winter.  Maybe it is because I was trying to be unconventional as a child, being different by not saying the Summer was my favorite season.  I love the layering and the rich colors.  Sweaters and heeled boots.

I am over it.  I need warmth and sun and to put my gloves in hibernation.  Spring is now my favorite season, I blame the clothes at Vogue for this.  The bright colors and floral prints have brainwashed me into crawling out of my black cashmere wardrobe and into oranges and pinks!

I got out of Vogue surprisingly early one beautiful March day and just had to go outside and enjoy the weather.  It is just my luck that the weather always turns colder/grayer/rainier on the weekends and I never get to bask in the glory of the weekday weather.  With my new black camera in tow, a trip to the roof of my building was very much in order, below are the pictures.

This is basically my ultimate Spring outfit.  Cozy sweater over a short dress or skirt and a pair of heels is absolutely the way to go.  The sweater I bought at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, the nightgown was my great grandmother’s, belt from Zara, clogs Jeffrey Campbell, and jewelry is mainly vintage.


The location:

The Clothes:


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From Fleas to Fendi

I live three blocks away from one of the best weekly flea markets in Manhattan.  Though it is entirely coincidental I am still a huge flea market goer and scavenger and I did not pick the location of my current apartment so that I could see the market from my balcony.

I usually go every few weeks, although the past two weeks I went twice, much to my bank account’s dismay.  But no fear!  I only ended up buying two things and the total was $30.  The pictures for those purchases will be put up at a later date when I work them into an outfit.

But for now these are a few of the things I wish I bought and a taste of what the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market is all about.

I am truly in love with this coat but he wanted $150 for it...

There was no "R" otherwise that would be in my room right now

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My Day of Vintage.

Saturday was my vintage day.  I made a list of all the places I wanted to go to (6) and mapped it all out, both walking and public transit routes.  I even woke up extra early (10:05) and managed to leave by 11:30 am with two of my roommates in tow.  We started off at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market at 39th St. between 9th and 10th Ave.  They had a lot of jewelry and some great vintage pieces.  Most of the items were fairly inexpensive except I hated the fact that the vendors were trying to explain designers to me and tell me how important they are.  Yes, I know what Bottega Venetta is, I do live in fashion magazines and attend FIT, I just don’t feel like buying the purse no matter how great of a deal you seem to think it is.  But aside from that I ended up buying a partial crop top and a gold semi-choker.

Entrance to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

Cute vintage glasses, but I didn't buy them.

One of the vendors

Kelly and I on a fab vintage couch.

A rather large beaver fur coat.

Shirt and Necklace from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

Then we walked down to 25th St between 7th and 6th Aves where there were a few indoor flea markets which had a decent amount of designer clothes and accessories as well as home furnishings and antiques.  While I fell in love with some items such as a $200 Hermes silk scarf and a $175 one hundred year old hand mirror (which the man said he would give to me for $125) , I did not buy anything here.

100 year old hand mirror.

Then we went took the F down to Union Sq. and then hopped on the L train over to 1st Ave to go to some vintage stores.  First on our stop was No Relation Vintage which has amazing prices, but of the seven things I tried on I only ended up buying one shirt (for $10) even though I really wanted to walk out with a pair of high waisted jean shorts.

Shirt from No Relation Vintage.

Next we went to Buffalo Exchange which was super crowded because they were having a $1 sale in honor of Earth Day.  Here I tried on a lot of clothes and even asked a poor sales person to take down a mannequin which I then asked her to undress so I could try on the whole outfit.  While the silk high waisted pants were completely see through and ill fitting, the suede and lace leotard was perfectly lovely and oh so Celine, so I purchased it.  I ended up getting it for $5.50 because the buttons of the bottom of the leotard were broken.  And I also bought an American Apparel shirt dress there for only $17.

Suede Leotard tucked into high waisted jeans.

American Apparel Shirt Dress with my great-grandmother's gold belt.

And that is the end of my lovely shopping day.  I wish I had discovered the flea markets sooner because they are so close and filled with some really amazing pieces.

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