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No Glove, No Love

It’s that time of year.  Hat, glove, scarf weather.  Today we will focus on gloves.

Gloves are tricky for me because of my iPhone which uses heat sensors on the screen as opposed to pressure, so my fingertips need to be easily accessible.

These are some of my favorite gloves of the season, hopefully I can face the brisk New York weather with a few pairs of these on my hands.




Free People

Free People

Free People

J. Crew

Marc by Marc Jacobs

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MacAlister Me: Part Deux

So I never did end up getting the metallic gold MacAlister booties from J.Crew.  I went so far as to try them on, and walked around in them for close to twenty minutes, but with my size 9 (read 9.5-10) foot they just weren’t that flattering.  So, alas, I did not buy them.  And yes, I am still bitter about it.

However, J.Crew does have these amazing wedge MacAlister booties which I have a feeling will look beautifully flattering on my feet.  The “dark pewter” color lust worthy.  Perfect for every season, from darling spring dresses, to leather shorts in the summer and dark cargo pants in the fall.  These are my new obsession, though they are, of course, $198, excluding New York’s lovely sales tax.

Maybe these are more practical than a pink sheep?

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Gary Graham, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I don’t think that I have a particular style, necessarily.  The problem is I love too many things to want to have to stick to one.  My interests range from J.Crew to Alexander McQueen to vintage 60’s dresses, not exactly a cohesive look.

And this is part of the reason why I am so entranced with Gary Graham’s clothing.  Some of them were sweetly vintage covered in sequins or pearls, while others were a color blocked masterpieces in neutral tones.

And don’t think I am biased because it was my first fashion presentation, the whole experience was great, from the clothing to the hair to the choreography of the walk.

The models were on a raised platform and on the ground were chalk circles that the models would move to as music played, a bit like musical chairs.

Out of the 20 looks these were my favorite:

Here are two of my (amazing) pictures from the presentation, just to give you a feel of the set up:

And because I know you were wondering, this is what I wore to the event:

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MacAlister Me

J. Crew's MacAlister boot.

The style is super manly but the pale gold-metallic color is so feminine and perfect for fall.  I think J. Crew needs to send me a little care package to school with these inside.

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Fashion, Sweat, and Tears

There are very few times in my life when I fall in love with workout attire, mainly sweatshirts.  But I am human and it does happen

sometimes.  Recently I have been infatuated with the gray crew neck sweatshirts (sans pockets) and have searched everywhere to get my hands on one.

Then yesterday I walked into J. Crew.  And what was the first thing I see, but a sequined gray crew neck sweatshirt.  It was love at first sight.  It was also $168, which I really cannot spent on a thin sparkly top, no matter how much it calls out to me.

So then I go downstairs and see that the mens section has a couple of thicker crew necks, and of course the one I like best is $98.  I don’t know why this always happens to me.  I really am tired of picking out the most expensive things.

But this has at least shown me that I might need to get a job working at J. Crew next year for the discount, which might also work at Madewell . . .

The Gray Sequined Sweatshirt at $168.

Same in Peach

The Mens Sweatshirt at $98.

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