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Another Adventure in Building Code

A few weeks have gone by since my post “Building Code” about my small endeavor into the architecture of Manhattan.  So below is a collection of images of new buildings, mainly from the East Side, that I thought were beautiful.

If you haven’t noticed already, I have a thing for doors, and I really always have.  I remember going trick-or-treating in a Las Vegas suburb one year, where I was visiting my best friend, and at every massive carved wood door we came to, I gasped that I loved, needed, had to have it.

The first picture, of the light Robin’s Egg Blue door, is perfection on Elizabeth St. It is so whimsical and otherworldly, but at the same time completely modern.


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Golden Ticket

Lanvin for H&M is going to have a fashion show on November 19 in the Pierre Hotel.  I am Charlie Bucket and this is my golden ticket.  My Wonka Factory if you will.  I really need to know who I need to pay off, bribe, charm, etc. to get this ticket.  While it obviously is not the actual Lanvin show, it is the closest I will come to seeing it (until I am EIC of Vogue).

After this fabulous fashion show, the line will then premiere in Las Vegas (really…?) three days before it opens anywhere else.  Therefore my camping date has been changed to Nov. 22 so that I can be waiting outside H&M when the doors open the morning of the 23rd.

To tide me over until then, a new picture has been released, this time there is color involved.

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